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Kicksologists Deals: NBA Stance Socks

As the Nike juggernaut takes over the NBA apparel, gear, and sneakers, the previous outfitter Stance rides off to the sunset in lowkey fashion.  With a somewhat bittersweet ending between the NBA and Stance, fans of the socks should look into their local department stores for this Kicksologists deal.

This past weekend, our Kicksologists managing editor @Jefferrrson came through with a steal on several socks over at Ross stores.  Originally for sale at $26.00 USD MSRP, the socks were sold for $1.99 to $3.99 at the registers.  Do the math and that is a $22.00 savings per sock for men sizes 9-12.  Reports of quarter-cut socks are also making its way to shelves, but we were not able to locate any.

If you visit, the same socks are going for $10.00 USD.  They are still for sale, but won’t be in as many stores as before since the Nike and NBA outfitter partnership.

Many have regarded the Stance socks as the best piece of threads for their hooping needs.  Over the years, we have had cushion zoned socks from adidas, Under Armour, and of course Nike.  All have been about the same polyester materials that stretch and wicken moisture, but nothing really feels like Stance.  It has great cushion in zoned areas on the heel and forefoot.  It keeps your feet dry for longer periods than other brands as well as keeping your feet from sliding within the shoe during play.

For $3.99, you cannot go wrong at all with this deal.  Make sure to visit your local Ross and Marshall department stores for the steals.  Hit up @jefferrrson on Twitter and Instagram if you have any questions or any leads for deals so we can spread it to our community.  Check the video above for more details.



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