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I really think the science and genius behind what Nike produces year in and year out as far as sneakers go, are far too underrated.  Eric Avar is definitely Nike’s very own mad scientist as he truly pushes the envelope with each new basketball sneaker that he heads in development.

While never intended to serve as one of Kobe’s personal sneakers, he was the superstar that spearheaded promotion of the Hyperdunk.  In one of the most popular viral videos to date, Kobe even went so far as to show the world that with the Hyperdunks on his feet, he could jump over an Aston Martin heading straight for him.  The Mamba still maintains that the video is very much real.  We’d all love to believe you Kobe, but we know you’re not stupid enough to attempt that – you better not.

Even before the Zoom Kobe III had wrapped production, Avar filled Kobe in on the Hyperdunk project and that everyone at Nike’s Innovation Kitchen was particularly excited about it.  Mamba wanted in.

Kobe Doin’ Work

The Nike Hyperdunk deserves to be forever immortalized in basketball sneaker heaven because it will always be the first of its kind in what is shaping up to be Nike’s very own innovation revolution.

Employing their personally invented Flywire technology, which is on display on the side panel of the shoe for all to see, Nike was able to create the lightest high performance basketball shoe ever created (until the Kobe IV and V).  However, weight management is merely one major advantage of Flywire.  It also adds a level of support never before felt on the court by truly giving a player the sense that their foot is locked down into the sneaker.

The Hyperdunk was also given Lunar Foam technology for high quality cushion that doesn’t compromise weight.  The upper is relatively simple with a high collar that gives every player peace of mind when it comes to ankle stability.

Kobe going for Gold

While Kobe did spotlight the Hyperdunk towards the end of the 2007-2008 regular season such as during the game against the Spurs that featured in Spike Lee’s documentary, Kobe Doin’ Work, the shoes made their more official debut on one of the world’s grandest stages – the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.  Nike supplied every country that they sponsored with pairs to any players that wanted them and mission Flywire had passed with flying color(way)s.

You’ve probably seen it already, but you know you wouldn’t mind seeing it again.  Check out Kobe’s sensational viral video with a special cameo by former teammate, Ronny Turiaf.  I don’t know how insane the NBA’s health insurance plans must be, but watch the Mamba’s very own instructional video on how to maximize the Nike Hyperdunk!

Original Release: 2008; Weight: 13.0 oz.

Players: Kobe Bryant / Andrew Bogut / Chris Bosh / Andrew Bynum / Marcus Camby / Sam Cassell / Derek Fisher / Pau Gasol / Danny Granger / Richard Jefferson /Andrei Kirilenko / Rashard Lewis / Shawn Marion / Kenyon Martin / Lamar Odom / Emeka Okafor / Jermaine O’neal / Tony Parker / Paul Pierce / Tayshaun Prince / Zach Randolph / JJ Redick / Jason Richardson / Amare Stoudemire / Rasheed Wallace



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