100 Best Kobe Bryant Sneaker Colorways Ever Released

Top 100 Kobe Bryant Sneakers & Colorways Ever Released

As a signature athlete of Nike, Kobe Bryant is arguably the most recognizable basketball player in the world. His colorways have extended globally to Asia and Europe. With many region exclusive shoes, the chase to grab the best colorways began.

All in one, we’ve compiled the 100 best Kobe Bryant sneakers and colorways to ever be released and hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane.

100. adidas Crazy 1 Sunshine

Adidas The Kobe Sunshine Front Angle

Two words: the sun. The adidas Sunshine was created with two things in mind: TO POP and TO STAND OUT!

99. Nike Kobe 6 Camouflage

Nike Zoom Kobe VI 'Camo' Grey/Concord

If the U.S. Army allowed their members to choose their kicks, we would guarantee these would be on the feet of those who serve our wonderful and glorious country.

98. Nike Kobe 2 Strength Orca

26. Nike Kobe 2 Strength Orca

The Kobe 2 Strength featured a stunning patent leather toe box. The shoes are rarely seen today since the model has always been completely underrated.

93. Nike Kobe 9 EXT Challenge Red


These Kobe 9 EXTs quickly drew Nike Yeezy 2 “Red October” comparisons. With it’s high top model and red leather, these are certain to break necks.

92. Nike Kobe 7 Cheetah


Different animal, same beast. The Kobe 7 debuted the Kobe System which to allowed users to swap out insoles for their preferred type of attack. This Cheetah colorway is a bit calmer than the Christmas Cheetah.

91. Nike Kobe 2 Black/Varsity Maize


Although they have the classic black and yellow, they aren’t part of the Del Sol colorway. The Varsity Maize was the original counterpart to the color black. Like the inscription on the strap, “Carpe Diem”; it was time to seize the day.

90. Nike Kobe 4 Black/Red


Michael Jordan was lucky to don the Chicago Bulls colorway for most of his career. Shoes can never go wrong in the black, red, and white.

89. adidas The KOBE Charcoal

Adidas The Kobe Charcoal

Creativity at it’s finest. The Audi TT served as an inspiration and there are only few shoes that can touch this type of look.

88. Nike Air Zoom Huarache 2K5 Los Angeles Map


These 2K5s feature the Lakers home colorway primarily matching the Sunday Whites. The laser engraved map of Los Angeles is the most unique trait.

83. Nike Huarache 2K4 Black/Gold Laser

Nike Air Zoom Huarache 2K4 Black Laser

The 2K4 Laser print makes another appearance on our list. This time in a much more eye catching fashion. The gold laser graces the entire upper of the black and white shoe.

82. Nike Hyperdunk Mamba PE

nike-hyperdunk-friendlies-pack-kobe-mamba-1 These special Hyperdunks came with a special look. The Mamba mentality came alive with the snakeskin on the toe. Kobe’s Olympic number 10 was embroidered on the front of the inner toe to complete the kicks.

81. Nike Kobe 9 Elite Low University Red



The Kobe 9 Elites low came in a few colorways. Fortunately each colorway was solid. The University Red uppers came with stylish mint splatter accents all over.

80. Nike Kobe 6 Glass Blue

kobe 6 glass blue

The blend of bright, contrasting, and vibrant colors made Kobe fans go wild. The translucent and sparkly sole sets this colorway apart.

79. Nike Kobe 4 MPLS


The Minneapolis Lakers were made famous by George Mikan in the late 40s but Kobe is a huge reason why the colorways aren’t forgotten today.

78. Nike Kobe 4 Inline

Kobe 4 Inline

This general release is one of those solid but underrated colors. You may have skipped on these at the release but seeing them on someone’s feet brings regret.

73. Nike Kobe 4 Carpe Diem

kobe 4 carpe diem

Kobe’s motto was “Carpe Diem”. He lived by the saying and captured his first championship without Shaq in the 4s.

72. adidas Kobe EQT Elevation Purple/Black/White

Adidas EQT Elevation Purple

Do these look familiar? If you can’t pinpoint where you’ve seen them, Google “Kobe Bryant slam dunk contest”. Before the Afro, Kobe dazzled and took home some hardware in these purple EQT Elevations.

71. Nike Huarache 2K4 White/Purple Laser

Nike Air Zoom Huarache 2K4 Purple Laser

This time, the purple laser print grazes a white leather upper. The 2K4s were highly regarded as a great basketball shoe.

70. Nike Kobe 4 MLK


On MLK day, the players bring their best kicks to the table. This subtle Lakers colorway is a heater.

69. Nike Kobe 5 Miles Davis

Nike Zoom Kobe 5 Miles davis

The best type of Jazz is when you can hear the emotions and blues from the artist. No-one did it better than Miles Davis in this dominantly blue model.

68. Nike Kobe 8 Purple Gradient

Nike Kobe 8 Purple Gradient

Many call these the second coming of the Kobe 5 Inks. Many of Kobe’s teammates wore these in the NBA Playoffs as they had to play without the superstar after he went down with the ruptured Achilles.

63. Nike Kobe 8 Elite Black/Gold

Nike Kobe 8 Black GoldThe Kobe 8s came in two Elite colorways. One was incredibly bright and flashy while this solid colorway became an underrated beauty.




62. Nike Kobe 9 EM China


The Chinese culture loves the color red; throw in gold and pandemonium happens. The Chinas are finished off with a festive decorative tongue.

61. Nike Kobe 6 Kay Yow

Nike Zoom Kobe VI 'Think Pink'

The iconic ribbon and eye-popping pink is the signature for breast cancer awareness.Why not spread love and attention in a positive manner?

60. Nike Kobe 7 Gold Medal


The 2012 Olympic Games concluded with another U.S. gold medal. They had finally put the disappointment and downfall behind them as they redeemed themselves and rose to the top.

59. Nike Kobe 1 All-Star


Back when the All-Star game was fun and filled with excitement, Kobe got to team up with the home-town hosts: Yao Ming and T-Mac.

58. Nike Kobe 6 Lightbulb

Nike Zoom Kobe 6 Lightbulb

The Lightbulbs featured a reverse Del Sol look. With the majority of the shoe in yellow, they are complimented with subtle black and white accents.

53. Nike Kobe 6 All-Star West

Nike Zoom Kobe 6 All Star West

These are one of the four pairs released for the 2011 All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles. The red uppers were created to match the Western Conference jerseys.

52. Nike Kobe 8 Duke

duke kobe 8

Kobe skipped higher education to pursue a life in the NBA. On record, he claims he would have chose the University of North Carolina but we all know with Coach K around, Duke wasn’t out of the conversation.

51. Nike Kobe 5 Chaos


Kobe must’ve loved the Dark Knight trilogy. The Joker’s mindset was to create havoc and chaos in Gotham. The red splattered midsole is a nice additional touch.

50. Nike Kobe 1 81 Points

kobe 81 pointsThe shoes Kobe Bryant put the team on his back and willed them to a victory over the Toronto Raptors. Oh yeah, he didn’t just score, he dominated and poured in 81 points in unforgettable performance.

49. Nike Kobe 5 / Hyperdunk Aston Martin Pack

nike-kobe-aston-martin-pack-preview-3-600x450nike-kobe-aston-martin-pack-new-1Kobe’s taste changed from Audi to Aston Martin. The gunmetal grey and burgandy is reminiscent of the Aston Martin DB9 Kobe jumped over. This Aston Martin pack was limited  to 500 and the Hyperdunk model featured the Aston Martin logo on the tongue.

48. Nike Kobe 8 Easter

kobe 8 easter In an effort to mimic the traditional Easter egg; the Kobe 8 Easters feature pastel colors usually found on painted eggs. The colorway screams Lakers with a hint of flashiness.

43. Nike Kobe 7 What The Kobe

nike-zoom-kobe-vii-what-the-kobe-4In this wild creation, the Kobe 7s are mashed up and throw onto this one shoe. Featuring many of the Kobe 7 models, these wild mismatched shoes brought back the “What The” hype.


42. Nike Kobe 4 Finals Home & Away


Zoom Kobe 4 Both colorways commemorated t he 2009 season with Kobe’s stats splattered on the ankle and toe box. Following his 4th NBA Championship (first without Shaq), another version of the black Away colorway released with the MVP designs on the tongue.


41. Nike Kobe 9 Bruce Lee

Nike Kobe 9 Low Bruce Lee Pair SoleThe wildly popular Bruce Lee colorway returned onto the Kobe 9 EM. Originally the colorway was based off Lee’s iconic Game of Death jumpsuit.

40. Nike Kobe 5 Concord/Inline

Nike Zoom Kobe 5 ConcordThe Kobe 5 came with a colorway that would look great with the Sunday Whites; the Inlines were inspired by the Concords.

39. Nike Kobe 3 Prelude

Nike Zoom Kobe 3 III PreludeAlso nicknamed “Misery”, the Lakers fell in the finals to their rivals, the Boston Celtics. The dark inspirations can be seen in each of the fresco brush strokes throughout the black upper of the Kobe III.


38. Nike Kobe 6 Westchester


Westchester High School was blessed to receive their exclusive version of the Kobe 6. Featuring a red and black gradient transition, the Westchesters easily resemble the annual All-Star jerseys.

33. Nike Kobe 7 Prelude

Nike Kobe VII Prelude Pack M

The Kobe 7 Prelude came in the black with an eye catching gold accent. The gold heel cap represents the Gold Medal captured in the 2012 Summer Olympics.

32. Nike Kobe 5 Bruce Lee

Nike Zoom Kobe 5 Bruce Lee

One of Kobe’s main influences is the martial artist, Bruce Lee. Lee fought Kareem Abdual Jabbar in “Game of Death”. Fun Fact: Chuck Norris made a cameo appearance too.

31. Nike Kobe Hyperdunk Marty McFly


Great Scott! These Hyperdunks are eye-catching. Based on Marty McFly’s Air Mags, the Hyperdunk version is incredibly clean.


30. Nike Kobe 9 Maestro

Nike Kobe 9 Elite Maestro All StarWith the All-Star Game in New Orleans, Nike’s designers came up with the Gumbo League Collection. Jazz music inspired, the soles glow in the dark too.

29. Nike Kobe 4 Gold Medal


The Gold Medals feature Kobe’s Olympic Team USA number 10 on the heel while the insoles have a gold medal sign. With gold touches all around, it’s a refreshing change to the classic red, white, and blue.

28. Nike Kobe 8 BHM

Nike Kobe 8 BHM

The black and grey upper features an African pattern in honor of Black History Month. Contrasted with orange, the shoes make a clean colorway for the popular Kobe 8s.

23. Nike Kobe 8 Mambacurial

29. Nike Kobe 8 MambacurialBased off Nike’s popular Mercurial boot, the Kobe 8s get a touch of futbol. The Swoosh comes across the toe rather than the middle of the lateral side.

22. Nike Kobe 9 Elite NRG Volt

Nike Kobe 9 Elite NRG White

New York City got lucky as the first two Kobe 9 Elites released surprisingly at 21 Mercer and Dover Street Market. The Volts give the classic black and white a shock of personality.


21. Nike Kobe 8 All Star

21. Nike Kobe 8 All Star

The Galaxy Pack was phenomenal and the following All-Star design was just as impressive. The Kobe 8 Area 72 “Extraterrestrial” featured a wild design mimicking a planet’s surface.

20. Nike Kobe 6 Prelude

Nike-Zoom-Kobe-VI-Prelude-front angle

The Kobe 6 Preludes were inspired by the Southern California lifestyle. Sealife blended with stars came together in typcial Van Gogh fashion.

19. Nike Kobe 4 Pop


In this sleek colorway, the Kobe 4s got a refreshing and unique crest on the tongue. The support and love his family fuels the Mamba’s drive to greatness.

18. Nike Kobe 5 All-Star


Kobe Bryant was at the peak of his game and the fans knew it. Becoming the leading vote getter, he was unfortunately forced to sit out with an injury during the All-Star Game in Dallas in front of 108,000+ fans

13. Nike Kobe 7 Year of the Dragon


Kobe usually pays homage to the Chinese Zodiac. In 2012, the Year of the Dragon presented an opportunity to make a great shoe and Nike prevailed.

12. Nike Kobe 9 Masterpiece


The Kobe 9 Masterpiece become the first model released. The shoes lived up to the nickname as it they acted as a canvas for the art of basketball.

11. Nike Kobe 2 Prelude


The Kobe Prelude 2 is inspired by marble from the European Renaissance. In the season that Kobe wore the 2s, he scored 50+ points in four consecutive games on his route to a scoring title.

10. Nike Kobe 5 Dark Knight

Nike Zoom Kobe 5 Dark KnightKobe’s dark persona can be compared to the Dark Knight. The Black Mamba’ comes out with a professional and sleek look. Cam, dark, and collected; the Dark Knight speaks for itself.

8. Nike Kobe 8 Spark

Nike Kobe 8 Spark

In order to start a fire, you first need a spark. These definitely provided fuel to the Kobe 8 hype.

6. Nike Kobe 9 Mamba Moment


Kobe Bryant hits two free throws to pass M.J. at the Target Center in Minnesota. The Mamba Moments were available to those quick enough to customize and order theirs off Nike iD.

4. Nike Kobe 6 Grinch


The Grinches are probably the best Christmas inspired shoe ever. The eye-popping upper strongly resembles Dr. Seuss’ character. Upon release, these were an instant classic.

2. Nike Kobe 8 What The Kobe

nike kobe 8 what the kobe 2013

Both sneakers are completely different. The left shoe comes in a cool blue hue while the right shoe is a fiery furnace ready to be unleashed.

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75 responses to “100 Best Kobe Bryant Sneaker Colorways Ever Released”

  1. Warren Rule Avatar
    Warren Rule

    The greatest kobe colorway in my opinion is between the duke or the chaos colorway. Both super clean and done well on most, if not all the kobe models they were made in.

  2. Melvin Claveria Avatar
    Melvin Claveria

    In my opinion i think the Nike Kobe 3 Prelude is the best kobe color way. Not just performance wise with the famous zoom cushioning but also history wise , this shoe was in the Prelude pack and was named “misery”. Although Kobe bryant had a great year that year , it came to an abrupt end when The L.A. Lakers lost to their rivals, Boston Celtics in Game 6 .Kobe was affected so much by this lost that he made this shoe look like a really sad shoe. This shoe is Kobe’s personal favorite shoe because it motivated Kobe to win a championship.Kobe naming it the “Most important shoe in the pack”. #WinKobe9Beethoven

  3. Alex Perez Avatar
    Alex Perez

    Oh my those Kobe 9 Detail

  4. Omar Avatar

    #WinKobe9Beethoven KOBE X HTM LOW!

  5. Bossman Woodberry Avatar
    Bossman Woodberry

    The greatest colorway in the Kobe line of shoes would have to be Nike Kobe 3 Misery iconic colorway & solid leather upper

  6. Molly Bustamante Avatar
    Molly Bustamante

    In my opinion the greatest Kobe to be released is the Kobe 8 Easters. Not only is the colorway really sharp but the 8s are super comfortable for a low top shoe. I am a little biased because the Kobe 8 Easters were the first Kobe shoe that I had ever purchased. I still wear them to this day even after two years of new Kobes. They are most definitely my favorite Kobe and colorway created.

  7. paul Avatar

    best color way is the kobe 1 all star. thats simple but fiiirrree!! (:

  8. paul Avatar

    next one should be what the kobe 8 since its the best one on “what the kobe” series. (:

  9. paul Avatar

    next shoul be what the kobe 8. (: best “what the” so far.

  10. Jadese jasper Avatar
    Jadese jasper

    I like the Adidas Kobe charcoal because it looks like a spaceship.

  11. royhiii Avatar

    Kobe has the best sneakers!!

  12. Cami Avatar

    Is really hard try to pick one, but I think one of my favorite is Kobe VII

  13. Kaleb Avatar

    My favorite are the Kobe 9 elite low university red

  14. jmmabalot Avatar

    White htms for the win! #winkobe9beethoven

  15. Jon Avatar

    The Kobe 9 Masterpieces changed the game in sports, PERIOD. Name another hoop shoe rocked by wrestlers and boxers! Should be top 5.

  16. Rachel Avatar

    The Nike Kobe 6 prelude comes in at #1 for the best colorway. Usually a shoe is doing too much or too little, but they got this one just right. I literally looked at the shoe and said that’s just beautiful.

  17. Aaron Ocean Avatar
    Aaron Ocean


  18. Joshua Chung Avatar
    Joshua Chung

    The best Kobe colorway is the Zoom Kobe 5 Big Stages Away. It combines a sleek Kobe silhouette with all black and hints of gold! #WinKobe9Beethoven

  19. Khalid Brinkley Avatar
    Khalid Brinkley

    #WinKobe9Beethoven. MY fav kobe is kobe 8 wolf grey. my very first kobe

  20. Daniel marino Avatar
    Daniel marino

    Kobe 9 grey – classic color scheme, with flyknit, beautiful! The HTMs are all must haves as well…. If only.

  21. jsallday Avatar

    KObe 8 What the Kobe. One of the best what the’s super loud and i can’t imagine anyone who doesn’t want a pair #WInKobe9Beethoven

  22. Ryan Jordan Avatar
    Ryan Jordan

    #WinKobe9Beethoven, only a sophomore in high school and I can only afford one basketball some a year so I would die to get these lol

  23. Dennis Tiongson Avatar
    Dennis Tiongson

    Kobe 8 what the kobes

  24. Omar Avatar

    #WinKobe9Beethoven the beethovens and the HTM

  25. Nick Baker Avatar
    Nick Baker

    The Kobe 8 Elite Black/Gold colorway is my favorite. Underrated, but it’s a colorway that wouldn’t scuff up or dirty too easy. Plus, it’s just sharp and eye-catching without having any loud colors.

  26. Matthew Humphrey Avatar
    Matthew Humphrey

    Kobe 8 Spark Nike or the Kobe what Kobe 8’s or the Christmas 9 elites! Beautiful

  27. Omar Avatar


  28. Ernie Warren III Avatar
    Ernie Warren III

    The chaos Kobe 5’s are one of my favorites. The way the color changes on the shoe when the light hits it make it a very cool shoe.

  29. Zack Avatar

    Kobe 7 invisible cloak is all time best… Didnt have the chance to get em eariler. they r just fire!!

  30. Christian Almuina Avatar
    Christian Almuina

    Bruh best colorway ever has to be the prelude kobe 2’s with that hint of gold and with the grey plus the white???!?! Damn it cant get any better than that #WinKobe9Beethoven

  31. Laureen Avatar

    I like the Kobe 4 Draft Day the best, easily. Sick colorway. The white upper with hits of light blue and purple make it an awesome shoe! #WinKobe9Beethoven

  32. Alex YaboyWinston Thompson Avatar
    Alex YaboyWinston Thompson

    Wish I would have been into sneakers years ago I would have never ever hooped in my KOBE 5 Miles Davis shoes. Hands down the 5 are my favorite to hoop in. Now to talk to my wife about getting the KOBE 10 vino

  33. Huy Tran Avatar
    Huy Tran

    ZKBIV Bred’s because I loved the aesthetics of it and how they felt on the court! haha and because they’re also one of the best looking kobe models, imo.

  34. Yvan Gonzalez Avatar
    Yvan Gonzalez

    Id like to see the what the kobe 8 next time of course

  35. Yvan Gonzalez Avatar
    Yvan Gonzalez

    What the kobe 8 because they are just so wild and wacky and i love how loud they are. The spark insole is awesome too

  36. Daniel Hernandez Avatar
    Daniel Hernandez

    #WinKobe9Beethoven IMO my favorite Kobes are the Kobe 4’s, probably the bred colorway if you can consider it a bred. just a personal favorite because it was my first pair i actually bought for myself and the Kobe 4’s changed the game of the low top basketball shoe

  37. Alexander Keoh Avatar
    Alexander Keoh

    The best colorway IMO is the Kobe 6 Chaos the scales and the colors set it apart from any other shoe.

  38. austin Avatar

    Kobe III Black/Anthracite/Varsity Maize. These were so ill. Ahead of their time.

  39. Bossman Woodberry Avatar
    Bossman Woodberry

    #63 Kobe Elite 8s Black & Gold are a clean colorway I have those and they’re a comfortable durable shoe Teflon laces are built to last too‪ #‎WinKobe9Beethoven‬

  40. Lawrence Lester Tiu Lagasa Avatar
    Lawrence Lester Tiu Lagasa

    for me the best kobe shoes colorways are Kobe 8 prelude & kobe 10 BHM

  41. Maysen Avatar

    best kobes are the kobe 9s; finals kobe 5s; kobe 8 sparks

  42. Derek Garcia Avatar
    Derek Garcia

    Kobe 9 bhm are my favorite color way. The detail on those are unmatched such a perfectly designed shoe and pays respect to black history month #WinKobe9Beethoven

  43. Guest Avatar

    Kobe 7 cheetah epic design #WinKobe9Beethoven

  44. Guest Avatar

    The Kobe 7 cheetahs are the best. Love the cheetah print design

  45. Gordon Tran Avatar
    Gordon Tran

    Give away some Kobe IV’s next time! The GOAT shoes from Kobe.

  46. Gordon Tran Avatar
    Gordon Tran

    Lower Merion colorway ftw, Grey and Maroon is just too clean.

  47. Will Neusch Avatar
    Will Neusch

    The Kobe 8 because it fits the mamba’s style. Clean, yet fierce. Also well made! #WinKobe9Beethoven

  48. Logan Buruma Avatar
    Logan Buruma

    them kobe 9s tho #WinKobe9Beethoven

  49. Guest Avatar

    Kobe 8 year of the snake wine red. Great design with the mesh.

  50. Aidan Avatar

    Kobe 7 Gold Medal they are just a great color scheme. I also loved kd 7 gold medal this year

  51. Matthew Reny Avatar
    Matthew Reny

    Either the Kobe 9 elite premium white/volt or the prelude 1

    1. Matthew Reny Avatar
      Matthew Reny

      actually….i’d go with the kobe 9 elite low htm white/ multi color with the gum bottom

  52. Jayden Mikkonen Avatar
    Jayden Mikkonen

    There are just too many perfect color ways!! the 9 Elite NRG Volt, Mambacurial 8, Draft Day 4s, or the White Multi 9s. #WinKobe9Beethoven

  53. Raul Avatar

    The kobe 3 China wasn’t even on the countdown but I would have to put those as my number one its just a great laker color way and probably my favorite model

  54. Kevin Ngo Avatar
    Kevin Ngo

    I’d go with the Kobe 1 Prelude. My favorite Kobe’s, they’re very comfortable and are performance beasts on court. Prelude 1s are definitely the nicest.

  55. Cristal Manou Avatar
    Cristal Manou

    Nike kobe 6 Barcelona, was probably the best colorway in the kobe 6 Series… and the 6 is nice it fits well

  56. Jessy Thomas Avatar
    Jessy Thomas

    I would definitely say the mamba moments such an important part of kobes legacy #WinKobe9Beethoven

  57. andydinhh Avatar

    BRUCE LEE KOBES #WinKobe9Beethoven

  58. Ralph Dela Cruz Avatar
    Ralph Dela Cruz

    Kobe 6 Grinches – Saw Kobe debut em in game against Miami as a kid, actually SAW the things sitting in my local champs, DIDN’t pick em up and till this cry myself to sleep everytime I’m reminded of em. Love the colorway and silhouette to death though!

  59. Michael David Avatar
    Michael David

    83 just looks sexy. This line is also crazy comfy too.

  60. Rashawn Avatar

    My favorite are the Kobe 8 Gradients because they’re light and the color way is dope

  61. Alex YaboyWinston Thompson Avatar
    Alex YaboyWinston Thompson

    Adidas Crazy 1 is my shoe. I’m 25 years old and as 8th grader I watched Kobe live on tv destroy people in those kicks. Seeing some of my Kuyas at school I promised myself one day I would get them. Saw them hit the shelf once again and I got them immediately. All I thought about when I got them was damn KOBE threw the perfect hoop he shaq. Brings tears of joy to my eyes

  62. Nick Rivera Avatar
    Nick Rivera

    Not my favorite Kobes but the Crazy 97 he wore winning the Dunk Contest. Just a nostalgic piece of basketball history. I bought those shoes back in the day and bought again as they retro back

  63. Tin Nguyen Avatar
    Tin Nguyen

    Most def purple gradient 8/

  64. David Ogomori Avatar
    David Ogomori

    kobe 4 POP hold it downnnn

  65. Teng Shin Avatar
    Teng Shin

    The best would be KOBE 9 beethoven

  66. Jeff Oandasan Avatar
    Jeff Oandasan

    Best cw would be the kobe 9 elite low mamba moment to celebrate Kobe’s achievement.

  67. raymond w. Avatar
    raymond w.

    #63. Kobe 8 elite black/gold, underrated colorway, very comfortable cushion set-up.

    1. Alex YaboyWinston Thompson Avatar
      Alex YaboyWinston Thompson

      Those are so dope. I seen a guy play in them I’m my gym league I damn near asked him for his autograph.

  68. Chris Singhavong Avatar
    Chris Singhavong

    One of the cw that I’ve always wanted was the kobe 6 helicopters!

  69. Jeremy Lai Avatar
    Jeremy Lai

    The best pair of kobe’s in my opinion are the kobe 8 mambacurial. Combines two iconic sports of the world into one shoe which is dope. Also a dope colorway indeed

  70. Tony T. Avatar
    Tony T.

    Best colorway’s gotta be the Air Zoom Kobe 1 All-Star game he played in, in Houston! 1st Kobe Nike model, real clean color way! I’ve always wanted that specific pair, but couldn’t get them because I was 14 and my parents weren’t going to drop that kind of money on shoes for me! Hoping for them to retro these in this colorway, like they did with he Preludes.

  71. Trill Will Avatar
    Trill Will

    I would say Kobe 9 Elite Gold are my favorite because they were the first pair of Kobe’s I have bought on my own. They hold a special sentimental value in my heart!

  72. CJ Avatar

    adidas THE KOBE Charcoal. First pair, started in grade school.

  73. RizaldyBalle Avatar

    It did’nt show the yin-yang shoes!? Purple & gold, kinda like the what the kobe…

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