30 Best NBA Player Logos for their Personal Brands

The NBA has been a huge platform for players to market their kicks and apparel. With shoes, a personal logo or brand is a small but important aspect in distinguishing one person’s to another. Since only a few players blessed with a signature shoe deal, some logos are classics, and some are brand generated logos thrown onto team kicks i.e. James Harden on Nike’s Zoom Run The Ones and Hyperchase.

Paul George



The world still awaits Paul George’s return to the floor after his gruesome injury. Before that, he was a promising rising star with rumors of being Nike’s next signature athlete. His logo features a P sitting onto of a half G. Until then, we’ll be waiting on George’s injury to see if he can return to his level.

Russell Westbrook


Oklahoma City Thunder v San Antonio Spurs

Russ has two things that distinguish him from the field. First is his Why Not slogan and second is the RW logo on his pair of Air Jordan 1s. It won’t be a surprise to see Jordan Brand fuse the two and turn it into a Westbrook concept and slogan.

Lance Stephenson

and1basketball-taichimidplayerexclusive-lancestephenson-face AND1-Stephenson

Although Lance isn’t blowing into somebody’s ear, the and 1 Tai Chi bears his mug. The once popular Streetball Brand is looking to rise with Stephenson’s tough defense and grit. 

Kevin Garnett

6a0133f2d34971970b01348615c850970c-800wi Atlanta Hawks v Boston Celtics - Game Six

Kevin Garnett’s newest shoe brand is Chinese based Anta. With Anta, they simply enclosed the K with a G.  Now that KG is back in Minnesota, fans may see some new awesome Twolves color ways.

Charles Barkley

nike-barkley-posite-max-suns-rockcitykicks hi-res-10969b4300f363ea0669a25a4d35a2a8_crop_north

The Round Mound of Rebound got his name by becoming a great rebounder despite his size. His fearless game allowed him to become great. The logo Nike gave him fits his style of play. Between the CB, Barkley gets a silhouette of a rebounder.

Damian Lillard

Adidas D Lillard 1 New York Pair Rear

D Lillard Event

Almost an All-Star snub, but thankfully that didn’t happen to Damian Lillard. Dame got his first signature shoe and own logo with adidas. His initials are fused together to subtly sneak in his jersey number of 0. The logo comes in a wing-like manner to show love to his closest group of friends “the Fly Guyz.”

Jamal Crawford

jamal-crawford-j-crossover-signature-02 NBA: Playoffs-Golden State Warriors at Los Angeles Clippers

Jamal Crawford left Nike for this upcoming brand based in Los Angeles. With its eyes on designer fashion, the Brand Black J Crossovers took on a new approach. The JC logo is touched to make an X to represent his ability to cross defenders over.

James Harden

nike-zoom-run-the-one-james-harden-pe-3NBA: All Star Game

James Harden may be on his way to becoming Nike’s next signature star. The JH logo is fairly simple as the J and H fuse and cross to create cursive initials.

Tracy McGrady

T-MAC20logo01 tmac1 tmac5profile9op

T Mac is the first of our “what if” players. If he could’ve remained on the court, he may be one of our greatest players. Until then, we can only look back on “what ifs” and his magnificence on the floor. His logo features a his initials intertwining in a fashion that looks like a basket with a 1 below for his jersey number.

Vince Carter

vc15logo-iphone 13161410402265

The Vince Carter logo is a blend of VC and his signature number 15. In a compact design, the VC 15 design takes a bit of imagining but can be seen with the naked eye.

Blake Griffin



Although Blake hasn’t been spotted in his logo, (often wears Superfly 3 model without special markings) Jordan Brand made an emphasis to introduce Blake’s brand. With wings attached to his initials, the man was born to fly.

Dwyane Wade

wade.logo3 dwyane-wade-li-ning-signature-shoes-5-630x419

Wade’s first logo with Converse was often dismissed as many fans strayed away from buying Converse for the hardwood. With Li-Ning, Wade’s symmetrical-esque logo made a return. By using your imagination, you can make out a “W, A, D, or E” in the circle.

Stephon Marbury


Neck_Tattoos_8 starbury-blackbay-blueorange-600x527

Starbury or Marbury has always been about his brand. In the latter end of his career, he went out and got it tattooed onto his head. We’ve attached that photo for you to enjoy. The Star is rotated to resemble a B too. As many may know, he sold his athletic brand to fans for $14.97. Despite his crazy antics, you can’t hate the guy for trying to make an affordable shoe for the public.

Dwight Howardff1af8_72b85ec0c85cb199087e46741bc86d6b.png_srz_656_310_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srz

Adidas Dwight Howard 4 NBA All-Star Pair Tongue

Dwight’s logo is brought together by Howard’s initials and the word “UP”. Strangely enough many have said the logo is in the shape of a dollar sign. Considering his past relationships with the Magic and Lakers, those fans would agree Dwight has always been about the money. 

Ray Allen

Air-Jordan-13-Ray-Allen-PE-2 koc-2-11-2011-19

Anytime the greatest shooters of all time are mentioned, Ray Allen’s name is synonymous with that list. The PE logo Jordan Brand gave Allen uses the R to show off the sweet touch.

John Wall

adidas and John Wall Take On Summer Tour 2

J Wall 1, Hero Athlete, 2, Horizontal

John Wall is one third of adidas’ promising point guards. With Damian Lillard and Derrick Rose, the John Wall line is aimed to reach to the younger audience and newest generation of basketball fans. The J and W is stacked and fused to a clean touch.

Carmelo Anthony

Melo-logo q4x32f0sdnvidirud3un

Carmelo’s season has been disastrous but his shoes continue to become more aesthetically pleasing. The Melo logo has been designed by Jordan Brand to represent the big M and a basketball court’s net.

Patrick Ewing

Ewing Athletics ny_greatest_knicks_02

Patrick Ewing saw a way to become a business man during his playing days and create his own brand. Under Ewing Athletics, Patrick created a simple Knicks-esque logo to show off his name.

Rasheed Wallace


Rasheed Wallace will forever be known as the guy who never gave up wearing Air Force 1s. They became his staple and Nike even threw him the Sheed editions. With his midrange jumper, the Sheed logo kind of looks like Dirk.

Chris Paulc976d15de55fe69a78c767f30b4776d3 Paul1

Chris Paul has been known as CP3 for his entire career. While with Jordan Brand, they gave Chris a simple yet sleek CP logo. To get into more details, there is a 3 disguised into the center.

Kyrie Irvingtumblr_ng5l1rihJC1u3nbnuo1_500 i-107

Kyrie Irving’s newest logo got revamped, then he got his own signature shoe. The K and I letters are blended to give a royal and symmetrical feel that slightly resembles the Gryffindor lion.

Stephen CurryBvbLWcyIQAAa2f5 UA-Site-Curry-One-620x343

This year’s front runner for MVP is Stephen Curry. In February, 2015, he released his Curry Ones and officially put Under Armour on his shoulders. The SC30 logo is Steph’s initials and jersey number fused in two characters.

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