30 Best NBA Player Logos for their Personal Brands

Derrick Rose slideopen5


adidas’ best logo may be Derrick Rose’s. The D is enwrapped in a Rose like object to complete the D Rose mantra. Simple yet symbolic for a player everybody hopes to see on the floor again.

Penny Hardaway

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Penny Hardaway will forever be labeled as  a “what if” player. Nike got creative and used his nickname to create a cent logo. The 1 also signifies Hardaway’s number and most know a penny represents 1 cent.

Allen Iverson

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The Answer is probably the greatest pound for pound player. His tenacious game play never let his size get in the way from attacking anyway. The I3 logo is simply the I from Iverson and 3 from his jersey.

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The Dunkman is like the Jumpman but in a mega-sized version. His iconic two hand slam in which both his legs are lift have ruined many innocent baskets. Shaq’s strength was impossible to match on the basketball court.

Kevin Durant


KD 7

Nike nearly lost their young investment after his contract had expired to Under Armour. As a member of the Swoosh, Durant’s KD logo has been simplistic and quiet like the game type of game he plays. 

LeBron James



Coming into the league as a highly touted phenom, the King has ditched the ferocious lion for the crown. After winning back-to-back championships with the Miami Heat, haters can no longer proclaim “the King has no rings.”

Kobe Bryant



Kobe Bryant comes second to Michael Jordan in terms of a human being with the same drive and influence over a generation. Although he is at the tail end of his career, his Shozoku logo has been and will forever live on as Kobe’s. His passion to carve perfection into his craft is easily compared to ninjas who strive to be the best.

We also have to mention Kobe’s other logo that has a unusually cult like following:

adidas kobe logo

Michael Jordan



Air Jordan Logo

Is there a more recognizable logo aside from the Nike Swoosh itself? Michael Jordan and his brand has catapulted himself into the high ranks of billionaires (that’s billions with a B).  He transcended and changed the athletic shoe game with his amazing on court actions; singlehandedly paving the way for every other athlete.


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