Rose the Creator.

Derrick Rose is one of the few players to play professionally in his hometown. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Rose now dons the iconic red, white, and black Bulls jerseys. With his ability to slash and carve up the defense, his athleticism and explosiveness has been fun to watch for fans.

In the 2008 NBA Draft, Rose was taken with the first overall pick. Like Damian Lillard, his fellow adidas signature star, Rose won Rookie of the Year in 2009. In the 2010-11 season, Rose stopped LeBron’s reign and capture the league MVP honors while leading the Bulls to a 62-20 record. While knee injuries have set back and detoured Rose’s career, the point guard looks to leave his mark and legacy for all to see.

The History of Derrick Rose’s Basketball Shoes

adidas TS Creator & adidas TS Lightning Creator


Derrick Rose Lightning Creator

Derrick Rose came into the NBA and began his career in the Three Stripes. Donning various adidas basketball models, Rose didn’t get a signature shoe to start. At this time, adidas’ signature athletes included: Dwight Howards, Tracy McGrady, Tim Duncan, Chauncy Billups, and Kevin Garnett. Often times, adidas players got Player Editions of models created for a generic position. First, he began with the TS Creator and the TS Lightning Creator. For Rose, the shoes came in the Chicago colorways to match his Bulls jersey.


  • Black/Red/White
  • White/Red/Black

adidas TS Cut Creator & adidas TS Supernatural Creator

derrick-rose-career-in-sneakers-adidas-ts-cut-creator-02 derrick-rose-career-in-sneakers-adidas-supernatural-creator-02

While adidas began to work on a signature shoe for the rising star, Derrick Rose’s second year was more of the same. He continued to rocking the classic Bulls colors in team models. This year, the TS Cut Creator and TS Supernatural Creator were chosen for Rose. He would lead a new era of signature players for adidas and changed the culture. Rose would help adidas grow as they would eventually sign John Wall and Damian Lillard. The three point guards catapulted adidas into serious contention for a portion of the basketball market.


  • Black/Red/White
  • Black/White/Red
  • White/Red/Black
  • “All-Star” East

adidas adiZero Roseadidas AdiZero Rose Black/University Red

In October of 2010, Derrick Rose’s first signature shoe, the adiZero Rose would release. As one of the quickest guards in the NBA, adidas had to create a shoe with support without being bulky.  Using the SPRINTSKIN monomesh, the shoes look to create a lighter and more breathable model. Rose felt the shoes were balanced and thanks to PUREMOTION, the foot was able to move naturally. Weighing at 12.8 oz, the adiZero Rose minimized weight and kept that concept in mind.


  • Black / Red / White
  • Red / Black / White
  • White / Black / Red
  • “All-Star” Yellow / Blue
  •  “USA” White/Blue/Red

adidas adiZero Rose 1.5Adizero 1.5 Derrick Rose

With his successful stint in the NBA, it looks like adidas was on track to reclaim some market share. With the Bulls’ superstar on their side, adidas aimed to recreate another shoe to help streamline his success.

The second version of the adiZero Rose 1.5 was lighter than the original pair. With upgrades, Rose was ready to take on the second half of the season. The upper featured SPRINTSKIN to work with Derrick’s Speedwrap ankle brace. Derrick’s three brothers were honored on the three-panled SPINRTSKIN zones.


  • Black / White / Red
  • Cool Grey / Red
  • Black / Red
  • “St. Patrick’s Day” Green / White
  • “All-Star” Black / Blue / White
  • “Chicago Bears” Blue / White / Orange

adidas D Rose 2adidas-adizero-rose-2-black-red-running-white

After winning the 2010-11 NBA MVP, Rose was looking to continue the success. While individually he became a better player, he needed to lead the Chicago Bulls into the promised land. The regular season was a success as Bulls won 50 games and shared the league’s best record with the San Antonio Spurs.

The D Rose 2 was a success with its syntehtic leather upper. The ankle strap created a sylish method for quality lockdown. A SPRINTWEB frame was used for stablity and breathability while the EVA midsole provided cushioning.

Unfortunately, that journey would be cut short.  Many contribute Rose’s injury to the league’s condensed schedule. The 66 game regular season was played in only 124 day with fewer rests and more back-to-backs. Dropping in October of 2011, these released exclusively on Foot Locker and Eastbay for a retail price of $110.


  • “Away” Black / Red / White
  • “Home” White / Black / Red
  • “Christmas” Red / White / Black
  • “Christmas Alternate” Black / Red / Green
  • Black/Black
  • “Wolverine” Grey / Blue / Yellow
  • “Texas A&M” PE White / Maroon
  • “Baylor” PE White/ Green / Yellow

adidas adizero Rose 2.5

Derrick Rose 2.5 Away

Back in 2012, adidas had a great run with their first Crazylight model during the NBA Playoffs. The Crazylight became the lightest basketball shoe ever created, but the reigning MVP Derrick Rose had his own sneaker in time for the second half part of season, the Rose 2.5. As a star point guard for Chicago, adidas rebooted the 2.0 and went in with a whole new silhouette and technology.

adidas created a new shoe for Rose with supreme functionality and performance.  Equipped with a GeoFit collar, the adiZero Rose 2.5 adapts to your personalized fit around the ankle. Whether you wore an ankle brace or not, the Rose 2.5 adapts to your game for extreme comfort and mobility. At the time, the Rose 2.5 was the lightest signature shoe yet for Derrick weighing in at 11 ounces (size 9).  Don’t get it wrong though, adidas made sure it was supportive and functional for the court. adidas also released a low-top version for the Summer.


  • “Away” Black / Red / White
  • “Brenda” Red / Black / White
  • “Home” White / Grey / Red
  • “St. Patricks” Green / White
  • “School of Hard Knocks” Blue/ Black / White
  • “Playoffs” Black / Grey / White / Red
  • “Hardwood Heather Sample” Grey / Black / White / Red (Never Released)

adidas D Rose 3adidas-and-derrick-rose-launch-the-d-rose-3-5-0

Coming off an MVP year in 2011, adidas took to create another Derrick Rose sneaker fit for an MVP. The D Rose 3 also introduces his signature logo as well. It is the letter “D” and his number “1” in the center with rose petals circling the letter while each petal represents a loved one that has guided him to through life and into the NBA. With the introduction to the logo it proves that Rose has worked tightly with adidas in order to come up with a shoe that enhances his play style as well as reflect upon his personal aspects in his life.

The D Rose 3, an all-new silhouette is forged with synthetic leather as well as nubuck. The upper is perforated with a diamond cut-out pattern giving it enough structure and stability but porous enough so that the foot can breathe well. Every pair includes special graphics on the inner part of the tongue that gives a certain detail about Rose’s life for fans.

Unfortunately, for Rose, he wouldn’t wear this shoe due to his torn ACL from the previous April.


  • “Brenda”
  • “Michigan Ave” -White/Light Blue-Deep Orange-Yellow
  • “Alternate Away”
  • “Chicago Fire Department”
  • “Nightmare”
  • “Fresh Prince” – Green/Lime/Satellite Blue/Black
  • “Chicago Bears”
  • Grey/Black-Red
  • Black/Red

adidas D Rose 3.5

adidas derrick rose 3.5 practice sitting

Derrick Rose never wore the D Rose 3 series due to an unfortunate injury during the 2012 Playoffs.  He suffered a torn ACL on his left knee as he tried to leap off his left foot during a playoff against the Philadelphia 76ers. Rose was helped off the court and underwent successful surgery soon after. Despite the tragic news, adidas and Derrick continued on with his third signature sneaker the D Rose 3 and 3.5.

adidas used Derrick Rose’s tragedy for a great comeback “Return” to court with great marketing, commercials, and ads.  The struggle to the NBA after injury was all about getting back to MVP shape and adidas capitalized on it by creating a sharper silhouette in the D Rose 3.5.  The three stripes mission was to create a bold sneaker with SpringWeb and GeoFit for exceptional lockdown and flexibility.  adidas also set a tone for storytelling as they released several unique colors for the 3.5 with a patch behind the tongue on each sneaker. The adidas D Rose 3.5 retailed for $159.99 USD.  Weight 12.6 oz.


  • “Home” Grey / White / Black
  • “Away” Black / Red / White
  • “Steel” Metal / Black / Red
  • “Jeremy Scott”
  • “Murray Park Winter” Purple / Dark Purple / Black
  • “Chi-Town” Turquoise / Red /Black
  • Infrared / Electricty / Black
  • “Year of the Snake” Turquoise / Running White
  • Joy Blue / Black / Pink
  • “Triple Blue”

adidas D Rose 4derrick rose home 4 return

After missing out on an entire NBA season, Derrick Rose managed to successfully return for the 2013-2014 season.  adidas made sure they equipped the All-Star point guard with the right set of tools for the long awaited “debut” for Rose.  Using their latest adidas technology and inspiration from the Crazyquick, Derrick Rose and the design team borrowed some of its qualities including SpringWeb and Geofit for the Rose 4.

The adidas Rose 4 uses a SpringFrame heel counter for superior lockdown and also added adiprene+ for some heel cushioning. SPRINTWEB was also used for the upper construction zoned out for a one-to-one fit. Derrick wanted a shoe to be quick so they strapped him up with a flexible and agile outsole for wicked control and transition. The main idea behind this sneaker was to keep Derrick Rose stable and supported, yet agile and quick. According to Jack Gray, the Rose 4 designer, they went for a two-tone segmented design to highlight stability and quickness.

Weighing at 11.8 ounces, the Rose 4 was a performance beast on court as it became an on court favorite for most adidas athletes in the NBA.  adidas also decided to lower its retail price from $160 down to $140.  After returning to the hardwood, Derrock Rose averaged 15.9 PPG, 3.2 REB, 4.3 AST, and 31.1 MIN.


  • “Away” Black / Red / White
  • “Home” Grey / Red / White
  • “Brenda” Red / Black
  • “Boardwalk” Prism Mint/White/Tech Beige
  • “Michigan” Dark Blue / Pink
  • “Pop” Red / Grey
  • “Simeon” Blue / Volt
  • “Primetime” Purple / Volt

adidas D Rose 4.5adidas rose 4.5 zebra

The adidas Rose 4.5 might have been the last .5 sneaker for the signature line. adidas will mainly keep it one signature shoe per season instead of two. With adidas, Derrick Rose usually wears his initial sneaker for the first half of the season and then an updated model for the second half and Playoffs.  Rose’s absense from the court might have hindered it’s spotlight in the league, but his line continued to grow with a successful Rose 4 model.

Derrick Rose and the Three Stripes created a new bold look for the 4.5 by adding stripes and unique SPRINTWEB pattern for a sleek look on and off the court.  Considering his epic contract with adidas, there was no stopping Derrick Rose input on the next upcoming sneakers including this one in hopes of another return in the NBA.


  • “Away” Black / White / Red
  • “Home” Grey / White / Red
  • Dark Navy / Blue / Volt
  • “Brenda” Red / Black / White
  • “Messi” White / Black / Multi-color
  • “Zest” Orange / Black / White
  • Silver / Black / White

adidas D Rose 5 Boostadidas rose 5 boost on court

adidas and Derrick Rose have been working together for many years now.  Both the brand and Derrick Rose have grown throughout the injuries, yet they still continue to deliver great product.  Thankfully Rose has been injury free for most of the 2014-2015 season as he debuted his newest signature model, the D Rose 5 Boost.

In 2013, adidas debuted their most innovative technology yet, Boost cushioning.  Energy return in mini white capsules gave Derrick Rose the most responsive hooping experience ever.  “We wanted to ramp up the performance factor, and Boost was a logical thing for us.”  says Grey, the lead designer for the Rose 5.  The thing about Boost is that the cushion must be the right density to be used for the sport of basketball.  If the shoe is too bouncy, the player’s foot becomes unstable leading to a possible injury.  As a result of weeks of testing, adidas got the right formula for Rose in the Rose 5 Boost.

Weighing in at 14.3 ounces, adidas succeed in creating a shoe for Rose as the Bulls made it to the second round of the NBA Playoffs. Derrick Rose and his fans was happy and thankful to see him play at a high level despite his injuries and that’s all we ask for.  Rose finished the 2014-2015 season averaging 17.7 PPG, 4.9 AST, and 3.2 REB with 30 MIN.


  • “Home” White / Red
  • “Away” Black / Red / White
  • “Brenda” Red / Black/ White / Blue
  • “Year of the Goat”
  • “BHM” Brown / Black / White
  • “Alternate” Grey / Red
  • “All-Star”
  • Black / White / Icy Blue
  • “Holidays” Grey / Teal
  • “Y-3” Black / White

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