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Nike Air Jordan VIII 'Aqua'

The 1992-1993 NBA season placed Michael Jordan at both extreme ends of the emotional spectrum within the span of a couple months.  While the season itself ended with MJ’s Chicago Bulls ousting the Phoenix Suns in dramatic fashion, behind a game-winning three by John Paxson in Game 6 of the NBA Finals en route to their first threepeat, it was in August that tragedy struck.  Michael’s beloved father and confidante, James Jordan Sr., was discovered murdered in South Carolina as the robbery-homicide case spread across all news wires around the world.

Needless to say, MJ was devastated and so much so that he walked away from the game of basketball while he was still in his prime to chase a dream of playing baseball that he and his father had shared.  It was a move that had actually been planned in advance of the unfortunate events that struck the Jordan family, but the timing of everything appeared to accelerate the process.

Sorry Charles, this is my ring

At the time, the sports world was in absolute shock and brought to its knees with the departure of Michael Jordan, an iconic bastion of greatness all on his own.  Here was the greatest basketball player to have ever laced up a pair of sneakers walking away from a championship empire that he was the leader of.  Little did we all know, the retirement would ultimately only become a brief sabbatical of sorts that would allow the rest of the competition in the NBA to have a real shot at winning the Larry O’Brien trophy.

Winning a championship is something that evades even the game’s greatest players their entire careers, let alone the ridiculous prospect of going for a threepeat.  However, the 1992-1993 season was just that for MJ and his defending champion Bulls.  Keeping his feet ready at all times was the Nike Air Jordan VIII.  Tinker Hatfield really pushed the envelope with the eighth-signature model through an ostentatious design and exuberant colorways such as the ‘Aqua’ editions.  Whether in nubuck or leather, the shoes came with over-the-top cross-straps that run over the laces, offering supreme ankle protection.  Also very noticeable at the time was the carpeted Jumpman logo that boldly rests on the tongue.  Hatfield’s inspiration behind the almost chaotic nature of the design was to convey the fervent pace of Michael’s life at that juncture.

It never ceases to amaze when looking back at MJ’s career in the NBA.  The road he traveled to become the greatest of all-time is one that few, if any at all, could walk down.  The ’92-’93 season may have been an emotional roller coaster for Michael, but even in the face of tragedy, he rose to the occasion, followed his heart and ultimately did things his way, but also in the right way.  Rings or no rings, there will never be another Michael Jordan in all of professional sports.

Oh and in case anyone forgot, all MJ did in Game 4 was reel off 55 points. Just another day at work, you know.
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Chicago Bulls vs. Phoenix Suns – Game 4 – 1993 NBA Finals
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