How Rajon Rondo is Spending the Lockout Summer

Rajon Rondo 2011 Mix

The championship dreams of the Boston Celtics may appear to lean primarily on the shoulders of their famed Big Three, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen.  However, the engine that drives all of them is without question, Rajon Rondo.  How far the Celtics go in 2011-2012 hinges upon the overall health of Rondo.

Last season against the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Semifinals, the sixth-year point guard dislocated his elbow in a rather disturbing fall during Game 3 in Boston.  Miami ultimately dispatched the C’s in five, but if anyone thinks Rondo’s injury didn’t play a considerable role in Boston’s overall ineffectiveness, they are sorely mistaken.

Even the mere fact that Rajon returned to the game earned him an incredible amount of respect from all NBA fans and rightfully so.  The dude is a warrior, straight up.  Granted, the Heat made it look easy, but if you really watched all of the games, the C’s had opportunities to win in almost every contest and with all of their key guys healthy, you just can’t ever count them out.

When Rondo is on, surgically picking apart opposing teams with freakishly pinpoint passes and also disrupting their offense with multiple cookies, the Celtics are an almost insurmountable out in a seven-game playoff series.  Believing in that very notion, Rajon has been spending the summer engaging in tough, grueling workout sessions that have nothing to do with dribbling or shooting a basketball.  When you’re a professional athlete, sometimes it’s better to put your body through different kinds of hell.  In the videos below, we can see Rondo doing everything from stadium stairs to sprints to various hurdle workouts.

For someone who is already scary good, it’s always nice to see clips of a pro baller taking his job seriously rather than getting tagged with a DUI or being implicated in some unnecessary antics.  Check our Rondo’s savage workouts below!

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You Reach, He Will Teach.

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