Ron Artest Challenges Air Jordan – Kicks Wise: No Contest

After browsing the internet earlier this morning I noticed that Ron Artest had taken to Twitter to fill his weekly slot of bizarre tweets.

For those that follow the newly minted Metta World Peace, it seems that once a week now he gets on Twitter to declare the lockout is over, talk about bizarre foods that he wants to try, and ask which of his followers will beg him for a retweet.

Last night Artest tried something new. Ron Ron challenged former Chicago Bulls legend and current Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordna to a game of one on one to end the lockout. (For obvious reasons we won’t get into the fact that Artest and Jordan really have no power to end the lockout, but we’ll ignore that for now.)

While there isn’t anybody on the planet, Artest included, that will try and convince you that Jordan is a lesser player than World Peace, they certainly aren’t going to discuss the gear that the players represent either.

Since this is a sneakers site it’s obvious to tie this into the world of kicks. Michael Jordan has been as instrumental to the world of sneakers as Da Vinci was to art. Jordan’s collection of shoes is a global brand.

Ron Artest? Not so much.

Ron Ron rocks the Chinese brand Peak while on the court. In fact, his former head coach Phil Jackson (who ironically coached Jordan in Chicago) stated that Ron’s kicks could be the cause for his foot pain.

“I’ve called his shoes concrete boots for about the last month,” Jackson said. “Those shoes look like they are made for the Hudson River.”

I don’t think anybody has ever said that about Jordan’s shoes, at least not in general. There have obviously been different models that don’t look as sweet as others, but in general Jordan brand is widely accepted as some of the best basketball shoes on the planet.

So with that being said, which side do you take? Would you be more inclined to try a lesser known brand like Peak or an established, popular brand like Jordan?

You can check out our complete collection of Jordan’s shoes from his NBA career here.

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