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KobeSystem Success Pack from Mr. Bryant Himself Loaded with Mamba Goodies

We previously touched on a limited edition KobeSystem backpack built specially to house your Nike Zoom Kobe VII Supremes.  Now we give you a look at the KobeSystem Success Pack, a limited promotion package sent to select recipients by the Black Mamba himself.

Held within the aforementioned Kobe System backpack is a treasure trove of items intended to temper your success on the court and your reputation as a sneaker head.  The contents of the entire package include:

  • Black Kobe System backpack
  • Letter signed by Kobe Bryant
  • Kobe System themed iPad 2.
  • Kobe System pin.
  • Detailed photos of early sketches for the Nike Zoom Kobe VII

The letter reads as follows:

“Dear ______,

You’re successful.

You’re welcome.

Luckily for you the KobeSystem teaches success for the successful.  Inside this box are the first teachings of the KobeSystem.

What’s in the box is yours.  It will be a source of communication between you and the KobeSystem.  Among the contents you will find early sketches of the Kobe VII System and photos of the shoes on the feet of others within the system.  

Share what’s in the box as far and wide as you see fit.  Be ready to receive additional content via your KobeSystem email address and refrain from syncing with a non-KobeSystem computer for the next few weeks.

You’re welcome,

Kobe Bryant”

The idea that these lucky recipients will continue to receive promotional updates via their own KobeSystem iPad in the coming weeks has me green with envy.

The obvious omission from the pack is an actual pair of Kobe VII shoes, but with so many fantastic Kobe VII colorways on the way I don’t think the lucky few recipients of the Success Pack will be in want of sneakers to stash in the backpack.

Again, I’m sad to report that this is only a limited edition promo item, and will not be available for retail.  Doubtless someone will use it for a giveaway (or more likely to make a mint hocking one on eBay), so keep an eye out Kobe fans!

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