Marvel Reebok Ventilator – Captain America

Reebok is going heroic on us with an epic Marvel team-up that rivals The Avengers.  Dubbed the “Marvel Pack”, it includes hero and villain themed shoes taking inspiration from Wolverine, Spiderman, terrorist organization HYDRA, Venom, Emma Frost, Sabretooth, Black Widow, Chamber (who?), Deadpool, and of course, Captain America.

Iron Man is notably missing from the list.  I guess they figured they couldn’t do it better than More Than Art To Wear’s custom job.

The Ventilator “Captain America” features a blue mesh and scaled leather upper and red-white-and-blue highlights galore.  The tongue sports Cap’s signature “A”, while the lining has stars and a field of blue, and the insole is adorned with a Jack Kirby-esce print of Cap in action.  Of course, no Captain America shoe would be complete without his famous indestructible shield, seen here in the form of a hangtag.

But seriously… no little white wings from Cap’s hood anywhere?  Wag of the finger, Reebok…

The Marvel Reebok Ventilator “Captain America” is set to debut at select locations this summer.  We’ll keep you updated with drop date and pricing info as it comes available.

As always, we’ll keep you posted on any future updates and release info @kicksologists or on Facebook.

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