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BO Knew Everything Including Sneakers



I didn’t know how great Bo Jackson really was up until the 30 for 30 came out about him last year. I had heard stories about him and seen old clips but I was just a young child when he was in his prime.

He was probably the best pure athlete of our lifetime which is scary to say because he didn’t reach his full potential.

The great part about Bo is that he was signed with Nike. He was on the same level as Michael Jordan in the late 80s and early 90s in terms of popularity and also at Nike.

The great part about Bo is the Nike had to create a sneaker that could be used to play almost every sport because Bo was that damn good. Playing in the MLB all-star game and in the Pro Bowl is why Bo Jackson was that great.

The  Kicks that Bo endorsed were labeled as cross trainers but you could pretty much do everything in. The Nike Air Trainer SC High was one of the most popular shoes ever released.

With Bo’s popularity and the coolness of the shoes everyone wanted them and only one could’ve imagined how much the brand what have took off if he didn’t get hurt.

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