Air Jordan 9 Kobe Bryant PE: Did Jordan have a Message for Kobe?

Last December, an unusual item popped up on EBay that caught the attention of the sneaker world. A pair of Air Jordan IX Kobe Bryant player exclusive sample that started a conversation and conspiracy theory that would resonate around the world.

You see, normally a player exclusive will get made for a player either because it was requested or if it coincided with marketing campaign the shoemaker was getting ready to launch. Plus, it’s not like Kobe has never worn Air Jordans before as you can see in these pictures below:

According to the ebay listing by phyuck_yo_kixx, these Air Jordan IXs were made in 2010 when Kobe’s line of sneakers were already hitting their stride, so it would be odd for Kobe to make any sort of request and odd for Jordan to ask Kobe to wear anything like these.

As you can see in the pics below, the inner tags indicate a production date of “20090924” which was two weeks after Jordan’s infamously spiteful acceptance speech.

We all know Jordan was famous for his trash talking and that has translated over into his marketing campaigns as well as he has released the Jordan 6 Rings, the Air Jordan 4 Cavs, the Formidable Foes. With Kobe’s  jersey change from No. 8 to No. 24, could it be the G.O.A.T. was taking a jab with his Jordan IX being one better than the 8 stitched into the heel?

This is total conspiracy theory stuff that Jordan fanboys and Kobe fanboys will definitely love to argue about, but don’t you really want to know why this shoe was made in the first place?

air-jordan-9-kobe-bryant-lakers-pe-left air-jordan-9-kobe-bryant-lakers-pe-both air-jordan-9-kobe-bryant-lakers-pe-front air-jordan-9-kobe-bryant-lakers-pe-rear air-jordan-9-kobe-bryant-lakers-pe-sole air-jordan-9-kobe-bryant-lakers-pe-side air-jordan-9-kobe-bryant-lakers-pe-heel air-jordan-9-kobe-bryant-lakers-pe-inner tag

h/t: Sneaker News

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