2013 Sneaker Sales Report: Kevin Durant Makes HUGE Jump

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According to, the 2013 numbers for sneaker sales showed a new player in the game, which could shift the powers at Nike significantly.

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Coming off a tremendous year where he reached his first finals, Kevin Durant has been able to leverage that popularity to shoot past Derrick Rose and Kobe Bryant by quintupling his signature shoe sales to the likes of $175 Million. That’s still far behind the current active NBA leader in LeBron James, who pulled in a cool $300 Million himself, albeit LeBron’s signature shoe is significantly more expensive than Durant’s.

The growth has to be taken into consideration, especially with Kevin’s younger age and more amicable public profile.

2013 NBA Players Sneaker Sales

2013 Sneaker Numbers

LeBron James – Nike $300 Million | 2012: $300 Million

Kevin Durant – Nike $175 million | 2012: $35 Million

Kobe Bryant  – Nike $50 Million | 2012: $50 Million

Derrick Rose  – Adidas $40 Million | 2012: $40 Million

Before we forget though, let’s include Mr. Jordan in this conversation. In 2013, he made a whopping $2.25 BILLION, which is more than theses four guys up top combined! Here’s what the graph would look like with the GOAT in the picture.

2013 Sneaker Sales

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