Nike Air Zoom Kobe 2 Shoe History

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The Nike Zoom Kobe II aka the ZKII was released at the Nike Zoom Kobe Media Summit in Los Angeles and dubbed the “Weapons of War” which comprised of three versions of the basketball shoe:

  • Zoom Kobe Sheath | Released: 4.1.07 | Price $130
  • Zoom Kobe Strength | Released: 5.1.07 | Price $140
  • Zoom Kobe Lite | Released: 10.1.2007 | Price $150

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This also marked Kobe’s first time getting involved with the design process, which took about 18 months to get the Kobe IIs out. In can be said that this is the first time Nike got to work with Kobe who, much like on the court, was very demanding, but was able to come up with a shoe that provided Kobe with the speed, strength, flexibility, support and traction that Kobe was looking for in his signature shoe. 

  • Nike Zoom Kobe II – Black/Yellow
  • Nike Zoom Kobe II – White/Purple-Yellow
  • Nike Zoom Kobe II – White/Blue-Red
  • Nike Zoom Kobe II – Concord
  • Nike Zoom Kobe II – White/Silver
  • Nike Zoom Kobe II – Supernatural

Kobe talks about the Kobe II

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