4th of July Special: Top USA Independence Day Kicks

Even though the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team’s bid for a World Cup ended in the Round of 16, we must not forget America will always be kings of the basketball world. As we prepare for the Forth of July, we’ll pay tribute to the best USA colorway (red, white, and blue) basketball shoes. From Vince Carter dunking over the Frenchman to the Dream Team, we have compiled our list of Nike / Jordan kicks.

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Other great USA colorway kicks

There are too many kicks in the classic red, white, blue to just ignore. We have also compiled a slideshow of the other kicks we couldn’t just keep out. In this list we also have other brands other than Nike.

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Share your kicks with us on Instagram and Twitter @Kicksologists and remember to use the hashtag #TeamKicksologists! Don’t forget to dress up in wild and fun outfits and remember to be safe America!

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