Nike LeBron 12 What If Release Delayed

LeBron James is a world renown athlete adored by millions of basketball fans worldwide. Before entering the league he exceeded at high school football as well as basketball. He was an all-state receiver that was getting recruited by big name football schools like USC, Miami, Ohio State, etc. Of course ultimately he decided to go with the basketball route, but what if? What if LeBron James decided to choose play football instead of basketball? Would he have had as much success? This has always been a thought in the back of James’ mind since entering the NBA. Well to acknowledge that possible career choice Bron could have had, Nike has taken that story and applied it to the Nike LeBron 12 titled “What If”.

The “What If” LeBron 12s get a royal blue and silver treatment of the Dallas Cowboys because that is the team LeBron would have wanted to play for if he were to ever get drafted into the NFL. Blue on the hyperfuse and silver on the hyperposite panels followed by a translucent outsole.

With LeBron’s achievements in the NBA so far and work ethic we could only imagine what he would be like in the NFL. You can get the LeBron 12 “What If’s” on March 18, 2015.


Price: $200
LAUNCH:  Wednesday, March 18, 2015

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