Former Nike Employee Assists To Reduce His Own Sentence

Ex-Nike employee, Kyle K. Yamaguci, has previously stolen hundred of “Look See” samples of unreleased or prototyped sneakers by ordering extras for sale from Chinese Nike factories. What you have to understand is that these samples are extremely rare which means they are extremely sought after and only the big time sneakerheads dictate the prices on them where it usually goes up 5 to 15 times the retail prices.

The Numbers

Yamaguci had allegedly pocketed around $200,000 while his accomplice (employee chosen to replace Yamaguci), Tung Wing Ho came up nearly $600,000,  and Jason Keating who distributed an estimated 630 pairs for $679,650.

The Deal

Yamaguci presented all the evidence that pointed to his guilt that would lead to his demise. The evidence included notebooks tabbed with previous emails exchanged and a spread sheet with illegal transactions. He even provided the original PowerPoint in which the plan was schemed upon. Of course with all the evidence he provided to the jury was to cut a deal for a plea bargain.

Kyle Y. Yamaguci was ultimately sentenced to 5 years in probation and 50 hours of community service for participating in bringing down his accomplices; however, the other two, Ho and Keating await trial on April 21 as they plead not guilty.


Source: OregonLive

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