adidas X Spotify On New Running App

With news that adidas might no longer be renewing their contract as head of the NBA’s apparel it would seem that basketball isn’t their focus right now. Yesterday adidas dropped their collaboration with music streaming service Spotify to bring runners this innovative app.

The adidas Go app will match certain genres or songs depending on the intensity of your workout. They do this by calculating your step count in real time therefore getting the beat count to match your rhythm. With the huge database of music that Spotify has at their disposal, runners are surely to discover brand new music that you’ve never heard before, it may also even help you discover some oldies. Music played during the run can definitely be saved for future references.

From adidas:

adidas has partnered with Spotify to launch adidas go, the first running app that uses iPhone’s accelerometer to instantly match a runner’s favorite music to their workout.

adidas go calculates the user’s stride rate to automatically identify and play tracks with matching beats per minute from Spotify’s® extensive music library. This brings runners a unique and intuitive way to improve their running experience with the perfect music to match their workout.

“For many people having the right music playing while you run can provide the perfect boost of energy to enhance your running experience,” said Adrian Leek, General Manager of adidas Running. “adidas go lets your energy level control the music that plays during your run, so you’re always in control. For the first time, instead of runners listening to music, music will listen to runners.”

adidas go also allows runners to effortlessly expand their running soundtrack to explore new music on the go. The app intuitively streams Spotify tracks that match the runner’s interests based on their preferred playlists, artists and genres without having to assemble playlists before they head out.

Once a workout is complete, users have the chance to review and save their distance, time, pace and adidas miCoach Runscore as well as the new music they’ve experienced to add to their collection. Users can then share their results on facebook, twitter and Instagram.

Since apps are all cross-platform these days, runners are able to share their run with an infographic through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Best of all is that this application is free. To sign up for Spotify is free and to log in to this app and start running. Only downside is, like all the great apps the first run of release is for the iOS platform only so Android users must continue to run without the app. Just hold on Droid users as I’m sure the app will becoming to the Google Play Store sooner than later.

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