adidas Stands Up For LGBT & New Avenues For Youth


In 1969, the Stone Wall Inn was invaded by NYC police and the gay community was attacked. With society changing, adidas looks to honor those and put those days way behind. The LGBT community and supporters will have something to show their stance. The special edition Superstar and Stan Smiths will be dressed in a white and rainbow paint splatter.

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This morning adidas has announced that they would try and help as much as they can. They tweeted, “When walking together, each step forward matters. “. The tweet was paired together with a photo of an adidas Superstar sneaker with a rainbow paint splatter.

With this colorway, they’re also empowering the homeless community. When the Pride Pack goes on sale (June 6), some of the money will be donated to the New Avenues for Youth program.

Since 1997, New Avenues for Youth was started to help and empower the homeless youth so they don’t fall into the struggles of the street life as adults. They offer many services such as food, shelter, and access to jobs and education training so that they can soon better themselves and will be able to survive in the world on their own.Way to go, adidas great move!

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