Draymond Green Faces Dilemma in LeBron Soldiers

The NBA Finals will begin tomorrow June 4th in Oakland, California. After an entire week off, NBA fans are ready for the commencement. It’s going to be a huge series for both the cities involved. Both have been deprived of championships, Cleveland especially. Now with LeBron back at the helm, the Cavs faithful are more optimistic than ever.

LeBron James and Nike produce two lines of shoes, the signature line and the Soldiers. Draymond Green is easily the life and soul of the Warriors. With his energy and leadership, he helped contribute to their 67 win regular season. Throughout the entire season, the LeBron Soldiers 8s were Green’s choice of footwear. He was often spotted in different colorways. During a Twitter Q&A, a fan had asked if Dray would rock the Soldiers against James in the Finals.

Green went left fan with an open ended answer. Green surely sees the issue with wearing the shoe of his opponent, but he loves the comfort and stability. The Soldiers feature a large strap to secure the foot. Green played in 79 regular season games and all 15 post season games in a healthy season.

The soon to be free agent will be up for a huge payday. It’ll be interesting to see if Green will remain with the Splash Brothers and the Bay Area. If the Warriors win, it’ll be hard for Green to leave but we’ve seen it in the past (Trevor Ariza after 2009 Los Angeles Lakers championship) and if the Warriors lose, Green will be hungry to win after being so close.

What would you do? If you were facing a signature shoe star, would you wear their shoes against them?

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