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Oh my, what a year its been for the NBA and performance sneakers.  Not only do we have four new signature athletes, but one of them became MVP and won the NBA Championship.  Stephen Curry cooked all year long in his Under Armour Curry One and the success has took its place in history. stephen curry one mvp under armour on court

The Under Armour Curry One is a thing of beauty.  UA created a masterpiece with this colorway. Its been a while since black and gold looked this good.  By removing Anafoam, the shoe became a tad bit heavier, yet the synthetic upper has a new buttery smooth feel to it.  A gradient upper is classic (Steph Curry preferred), gold hits on the tongue, laces, and branding on the side that signifies a new beginning for a growing brand.  I’ve said it before, Under Armour struck gold with Steph Curry.

During the MVP release this past Saturday morning, sold out within seconds.  Not only did servers crash, but UA accomplished something that only Nike has replicated time after time for a performance sneaker.  Under Armour became an instant target for trolls due to them not being able to cop the shoe.  How odd is that?  Nike is usually that company, but now we have a new challenger on the scene and they aren’t looking back.  Under Armour isn’t phased at all by the crashed servers, unhappy consumer, and limited stock because they built themselves a huge window of opportunity.  An opportunity to take this by the horns and aim high to take some market shares from the big Swoosh.  It isn’t going to happen overnight, but the fact that it is happening right before our eyes is amazing.

I’m all for competition and Under Armour is doing a phenomenal job by creating quality product with the right mind set.  I can’t wait for next year to see what product they bring on the court and the new technologies they can create.  It would be great to see Under Armour create another cushioning system or even a new standard for traction or lightweight performance.  There’s no better player in the NBA to create product for than an MVP.

Make sure to check out the video above for the inside look at the MVP version of the Curry One.  Leave a comment below and subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already.

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