Statistics on Sneaker Reselling in America


Sneakers have come a long way from the “tennis shoe” days. Sneakers have made Michael Jordan a billionaire. It’s important to remember that pretty sneakers are a luxury not a necessity. Campless and High Snobiety worked together to bring this interesting statistic and they prove something we all kind of expected already.

Of course these numbers are a bit loose because there are so many local selling platforms such as Facebook groups and online forums. Those numbers are never reported and an exact amount is impossible to pinpoint. It’s interesting to see Oregon at number 15 because of its Nike influence. With the company headquartered in the backyard, people own the kicks but they probably just rock them.


Not surprisingly, California and New York less all states with the art of reselling shoes. Both have a huge community of sneaker collectors and California has the biggest population. In case you were trying to make some big dough, avoid living in Wyoming who only made $7,622 in kicks all day. That sounds like an annual statistic of a mediocre sneaker head in California.


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