How Michael Jordan Spends and Makes His Money

Thanks to Business Insiders, they’ve put together a video to show what Michael Jordan does with his money. Now worth an estimated $1 billion, he generates about $100 million in royalties from Nike. That’s us, the consumers, the demand, the people who purchase Air Jordan shoes and products.

Also showing off his hustle, he purchased his hometown Charlotte Hornets for $275 million in 2010. He tuned the team, turned them into playoff contenders and changed them from the Bobcats back to the Hornets and now they’re worth an estimated $750 million.

His lavish purchases include a Carolina blue plane, a $12.8 million dollar home in Florida, and yacht. Jordan plans on creating his own golf course because he can afford it. In case you had $21 million, he’s still looking for a buyer for his Chicago home, the one with the iconic 23 on the gates.

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