Kobe Bryant Hand Signed Black Mamba Collection on eBay

During the All-Star break, Michael Jordan and his brand gave Kobe an amazing gift, his own set of personalized Air Jordans. That includes, every model from the Jordan 1 to the Jordan 30.  There were two sets. The all white set was given to Kobe and the black set was sold to the highest bidder on eBay as a way to raise money for the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation. That ended at $240,100.

This time around, the recently released Black Mamba Collection will reach eBay. The proceeds will also go to the same cause, the KVBFF. Every shoe will come in the Men’s size 11 and each pair looks to have the left shoe signed.

Over the last three weeks, Nike has been releasing previous Kobe models to honor the career of the Black Mamba but the set on eBay is a Kobe fan’s dream.

Kobe Signed Black Mamba

As of now, the bidding has begun at $24,000. At 13 pairs, it’s less than $2,000 each! Expect the price to rise as the auction will end at 9:00AM on Saturday, April 15. If you’re debating and need a dealbreaker, shipping is free!

Nike Kobe Black Mamba Signed 2K4 Nike Kobe Black Mamba Signed Nike Kobe Black Mamba Signed 2 Nike Kobe Black Mamba Signed 3

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