Video: 2017 Air Jordan Retro 1 Royals

The Air Jordan 1 model has been one of the pinnacle drops each year for brand.  Not only is December the month for that all-time favorite 11 model, but the Jordan 1 returns in full retro form with a classic colorway as well.  Last year we saw the Chicago 1’s and Black Toe’s return and since then, we had a few images of these Royals to drool on.  Finally, with over a year worth of rumors and blurry images, we got our hands on the classic, Air Jordan 1 Royal in 2017.

I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this pair for quite some time now.  The Jordan 1 Royals to me are one of the classic sneakers that I grew up seeing on forums like NikeTalk and Sole Collector.  It was a sneaker that I knew I was just not going to get unless I sold my right arm and leg.  The only pair that was available at the time (2009-2012) was the pair from 2001.  Right now the market price for those go from $433 – $887 for a brand new pair (info via StockX).   Yeaup, no way am I getting a pair of ’01 anytime soon.

The Royals also saw a release in 2013 that was super limited as well.  With a darker tint and mid-level construction and materials, the variation didn’t affect the obtainability.  That said, I am thankful to have two of these 2017 Royals in time for the Summer.  I don’t plan on wearing them anytime soon unless an event comes up where I un-DS them.

Just a small mention, the Nike Air on the tongue does make a difference.  Something about the original look and purity of the sneaker means a lot.  Having a Jordan Jumpman logo on the heel kills it for me each and every time.  Not a practical or logical reason, but that doesn’t matter.  I need the shoe to look as close to the original model as possible.  Which leads me to my next issue, the random tumbled leather material on the heel and Swoosh.  I don’t know why, but it’s not a good look in my opinion, but it is what it is.  No need to complain right?  #FirstWorldProblems

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