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New Balance 1500 Fall Lineup

New Balance has shown throughout this year that they are not afraid to continue doing what has made them a staple in the sneaker community.  None of the bright, sleek designs that inhabit most Nike models, and none of the groundbreaking technology that Adidas pushes with the BOOST cushioning.

New Balance, time and time again, shows that it is quality over quantity.  This fall, they are pushing the New Balance 1500 extremely hard, making sure that it does not go unnoticed to those that may often look over the brand.  When it comes to New Balance, most sneaker heads group it in with the “dad” or “grandpa” shoes.  While some of this stigma is earned, New Balance also offers many high-quality sneakers that even the most modern sneaker head has to appreciate.

This fall, the New Balance 1500 Made In UK, has been seen dressed in a wide range of materials and colors.  The variations of colors and materials, two being full suede, with another colorway offering full-grain leather, show New Balances attention to hand crafted products and customer satisfaction, while still offering a sleek silhouette and superb color blocking. All three pairs of the 1500 are available now on New Balance’s website, with all three coming in at a price of $199.99.


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