Taking It Back Old School: Reebok The Question Review

If there was ever a superstar who played with a ferocious little man complex, I’d have to say that Allen Iverson stood heads and shoulders above a league overflowing with giants for the majority of a 13-year NBA career.  Generously measured at 6’0 tall, AI proved to the league that heart, not height, is the true measure of a human being’s will to succeed.

Known for his killer crossover and ability to put the ball in the hoop, Iverson has posted five scoring seasons of over 30 points per game, won a league MVP and carried the 76ers to an NBA Finals in 2001.  While The Answer entered the NBA as the first overall pick of the 1996 NBA Draft, he began his professional career surrounded by more questions than he had answers to, ironically enough.

While Iverson entered the league amid a shroud of controversy, Reebok made sure that his feet at least, did not strike up any doubt about his ability to play basketball at its highest level.  AI’s very first signature kicks came with the fitting moniker, The Question.  The sneakers were an instant hit when they were first released and are even considered by many, to be the best of Iverson’s signature line.  Allen averaged a strong 23.5 ppg on 41% shooting during his rookie season as a pro wearing these shoes.

How will we remember AI?

Structurally, The Questions were built with a simple multi-panel leather upper.  One of the definitive aesthetic traits of the shoe that everyone remembers with affection are the honeycomb windows on the middle portion and heel end of the midsole.  The other is the translucent, colored rubber outsole, which has the reputation of being very reliable and durable.  The honeycombs are apart of Reebok’s Hexalite technology meant to absorb the shock of jumping up and deliver a return cushion of air to where the impact peaks.  We also see a nylon mesh tongue and six external eyelets on each side that spell out “Reebok”.  The company logo rests on both side panels of the shoe, the tongue, the outsole and the top of the heel counter.

All in all, The Question is perhaps Reebok’s most loved basketball shoe of all time for its comfortable and durable ride, *both indoor and outdoor, despite minimal complaints of a bulky midsole that can hinder crisp lateral movement.  While the company has for the most part, fallen all but completely out of the basketball market, they did pay tribute to AI’s return to the Philadelphia 76ers by re-releasing the shoe late last year.

If we can all respect and appreciate anything about Reebok’s involvement in the NBA, it’s the fact that through thick and thin, they remained incredibly loyal to their longtime league representative.

How Allen Iverson’s career will be remembered may be up in the air, but the The Question has a lasting legacy amongst sneakerheads and weekend warriors who have always loved The Answer for his unquestionable heart.

Do you have you want to ask AI? The folks in his old school commercial sure did. Check it out!

[Original Release: 1996; Weight: 19.0 oz.; Players: Allen Iverson]
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