Championship Footwear: Nike Zoom Kobe V Blowout Special Part IV

Nike Zoom Kobe V Black/Deep Forest-Varsity Maize

There are a couple of specialty colorways that I wish Kobe would have worn during the season such as the ‘Dark Knight’ edition kicks. Another is the Black/Deep Forest-Varsity Maize colorway that released at the Montalban Theatre in Hollywood, CA.

This exclusive limited release instantly catches your eye with the shine of the Deep Forest that even creates a slight visual illusion. The Swoosh, tongue and midfoot area are decked out in the Deep Forest color with a side-to-side fading effect, making these kicks one of the more aesthetically pleasing in the entire Kobe V collection. Supplementing the Deep Forest are a black base and Varsity Maize. It would have been nice to have seen Kobe wear these a few times on the road and based on the colorway scheme, it’s a wonder why we didn’t.

Unfortunately, these were a very limited release, exclusive to the aforementioned Montalban Theatre in Hollywood. As is the case, it doesn’t appear that there are any pairs available for purchase online at the moment.

[Availability: Unknown]

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