Nike Zoom Hyperfuse Russell Westbrook PE Set for Takeoff

Nike Zoom Hyperfuse Russell Westbrook PE

It’s always amazing to watch a basketball player evolve right before your eyes.  You may have to excuse my bias towards Russell Westbrook, given his connection to my alma mater UCLA, but to have witnessed his growth into a budding NBA superstar has been nothing short of an absolute treat.  To go from playing as a reserve with the Bruins to one of the top two players alongside Kevin Durant on the OKC Thunder squad, it’s hard to deny that Westbrook not only has talent, but a tremendous willingness to work hard every day at his craft.

The Nike Zoom Hyperfuse has quickly gained a reputation as a reliable and great basketball shoe to wreak some havoc in on the court.  The colorfully bright blue upper is complimented by orange, which we can spot through the tongue, inner lining and outsole.  Now, what makes the Hyperfuse unique is its fused unibody upper and mesh-induced ventilation system.  Westbrook and virtually all of his teammates from this summer’s gold medal winning team rocked these kicks during the 2010 FIBA Championship tournament, giving us an idea of how much confidence Nike and the players have in the Hyperfuse.

Now, he’s got the gold medal, he’s tasted the postseason and has one of the fresher colorways of one of the hottest pairs of Nike Basketball shoes in the game.  So what’s next for Russell Westbrook?  Well, if you’ve seen the kid take off for a dunk, you’ve gotta say that the sky really is the limit for him.  Once he becomes completely acclimated to the point guard position, he may be a strong enough force that will require his own signature line.

Release information is still unknown for the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse Russell Westbrook PE, but it does seem as though they aren’t too far away.  Check out the wide collection of other sick colorways below!

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Nike Zoom Hyperfuse Russell Westbrook PE
Nike Zoom Hyperfuse Russell Westbrook PE

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