Nike Zoom Kobe VI Illustrations by Tracy Tubera

By Tracy Tubera

Kicksologists: “What is your favorite colorway of the Kobe VI so far?”

Tracy: “So far, I think it’s a tie between the Grinches, the Christmas Day shoes and the 3D’s that are comin out. With the 3D’s, I love the concept behind it and just the fact that they turned the scales into red and blue 3D, I just thought it was a great idea. But I wouldn’t be surprised in the future if another colorway comes out that I’ll say is my favorite.”

Kicksologists: “I’d assume it’s pretty safe to say that you’re a pretty big sneaker fanatic?”

Tracy: “Yes…it’s a bad problem, a bad habit.  When you’re married and you have a problem with shoes, it’s never good.  It all started with skate shoes and I’d bust through a pair of them so fast that I’d get pissed and I’d be like, great I just ruined a good pair of shoes so I ended up doubling up.  I’d buy a pair of shoes to skate in and another pair to just chill in.  And then as my love of sneakers just progressed from there, I just started buying Nikes and all that.  I think now I’m pretty much all Nike and certain skate shoes and DC shoes and that’s it.”

Kicksologists: “What about Jordans?”

Tracy: “I do Jordans too, but they hurt the wallet.  I also only like the Retro stuff.  Who doesn’t like Jordans?!”

Tracy’s passion for sneakers doesn’t simply start and end with expanding his collection.  He’s previously used his artistic talent to design skateboard shoes for Vision Street Wear and even thought that would become his full-fledged career, but he couldn’t pull away from his love for designing characters, which drove him into toy design and now, animation.  Regardless of the project Tracy is working on, he is an artist at the base of it all and the Nike Zoom Kobe VI themed prints certainly show off his mad skills.

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