Taking A Look Back At Iverson A 5 by Reebok


It can be debated that Allen Iverson had the greatest non-Nike signature line in the history of the NBA. He signed the “lifetime deal” with Reebok back in 2001. He carried the brands basketball line pretty much by himself for well over a decade. From the questions to the answer Iverson did not disappoint his fans and sneakerheads.

With his play on the court Iverson quickly gained many fans and his shoes did very well in the stores. Making the transition from being a Nike  guy in college to a Reebok guy in the pros, AI made it cool to rock Reebok’s during the late 90s and early 2000’s

Today we take a look back at the Reebok commercial showcasing the Iverson A 5 by Reebok. This commercial features the rapper Jadakiss in it as well. AI had a unique way of drawing people from different paths of life.

Even though a lot of people will focus on the last part of Iverson’s career we will never forget what he meant to the game and we will never see another player like him. Check out this classic commercial.


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