Do You Remember The Michael Vick Experience?

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There was a time when Michael Vick was one of the most feared quarterback in the league. His combination of running and passing gave defenders fits. Also he was very exciting to watch in his Atlanta Falcon days. One can make an argument that Vick changed the quarterback position for ever with his play.

Michael Vick ExperienceBefore his legal troubles, Vick was one of the must see players in the league and Nike had several commercials for Vick that featured his current shoe at the time.

One of the best commercials was the Michael Vick Experience which is posted above. The commercial had the kid put on the Nike Zoom Vick II and went through a cool simulation of what Vick does on the field.

As always Nike outdid themselves on this and the shoes that Vick wore on the field were the same ones that were showcased in the commercial. We can always think what if with Vick but when it came to being marketable and selling shoes he was great at that.

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