An Open Letter To Resellers


nike-air-yeezy-ii-2-black-solar-redAs a business person I have no problem with someone trying to make a few dollars on the side if the opportunity presents itself. The shoe game has made almost everyone an entrepreneur and its getting way out of hand. I understand that everyone wants to make a buck or two but selling a shoe that is a general release for $30 over retail is a waste of time.

This whole resell thing really took off after the Jordan 11 Concords dropped in December 2011. People were buying a shoe for $200 after tax and selling it for $500+ online. There’s no problem with that. If someone is going to pay $500 for a shoe god bless them.

But then we get the regular releases that come out every other Saturday that arent limited and hard to get. The general releases are a lot easier to get and the people who resale shoes are charging folks $25-$40 over retail for a pair.

When you break things down is it really worth it to drive to a store twice and buy a shoe just to make $25 off of it? Also is there a real need to buy 7 pairs of the same shoe just to flip them for a minimal profit? There are people who just want a pair to actually wear them not to sell them and that’s where the whole shoe game is messed up.

For those that dont realize Nike will keep raising prices so that you resellers wont be able to make that much money off of them. Also for those that wonder why Nike has so many restocks  its because of the lame people who resell shoes and try to get over on people who want to actually wear the shoes.

Like yesterday Nike restocked everything that dropped this year and the people who have an inventory trying to resell shoes took a big loss yesterday. Its hard to charge crazy prices when Nike is charging retail.

Theres several problems with the shoe game at the moment but resellers are making it very difficult for people to get the paid that they actually want.

At the end of the day theres nothing wrong with trying to make a few extra bucks but people need to be smart and think before they purchase a pair of kicks. Its on thing to flip a pair of Yeez’ys because thats smart but to try to flip a regular Nike or Jordan release is just unwise and you can find better things to do with your time.

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