Talkin Kicks With The Biggest Celebrity Barber In Vegas

Las Vegas is a city that never sleeps and welcomes everyone. When celebrities hit the town there is one guy they hit up when the need a haircut and that’s mardabarber. Located on the West side of Vegas at Iced Out Barbershop Mar has built quite a clientele. What makes Mar unique is that is the go to barber for celebs when they touchdown in Vegas. From Rick Ross, Fabolous, Tyreke Evans, Floyd Mayweather, OchoCinco, DJ Khaled and many more. Mar is a sneaker head to the fullest and has more heat than most of these cats outhere. Take a look at his Twitter and instagram @mardabarber Checkout the exclusive interview we had with him below:

Kicksologists: What is all-time favorite shoe?bred11

Mardabarber: All time favorite, Would have to be 11s any color.

Kicks: When did you get into the shoe game?

Mar: Shit I been a sneaker dude. But really got into it 10th grade. I was a manager at Sheikhs in the Bay Area.

Kicks: What is you opinion of the sneaker culture here in Vegas?

Mar: Hype! When I first came out here no one really cared about shoes until Wale really

Kicks: Which kicks are in your rotation right now? (top5)

Mar: air-jordan-5-grapes

Nike Roshe’s

9s (wolf gray, olive and Kilroy)

gold pack 6s

06 grapes

Blk LBJ 8s

Kicks: Which place in Vegas do you go to for kicks? Suite 160, Niketown, CRSVR or other?

Mar: None. I’m a shoe place and Sheikh guy till death

Kicks: Who has the best kicks in the shop?

Mar: I have the best and most shoes in the shop. But everyone is fresh.

Kicks: Do you cut hair in your nice kicks?

Mar:Um only on camera, or if I have 2. Nothing stops the money.

Kicks: Whats your opinion of the hypebeasts in the shoe game now?

Mar: They drove the prices up. Smh. NO GOOD

Kicks: Favorite shoe release this year?

Mar: Joker 3s.

Kicks: How deep is the collection these days?

Mar: I’m deep in the game. I have 2 or more of the same shoe from over the yrs

Kicks: Is there any shoe that you’re missing from the collection to make it complete?

Mar: I really fill a complete collection depends on the sneak head.

Kicks: Which Celebrities have you come across that have a nice kick game? which one was the best?

Mar: Fab, Ross, Wale, Joe Budden, DJ Franzen… So many 2 name. But by far Fabolous has the best.

Kicks: How does the barbershop and the shoe game go hand in hand?

Mar: No matter how many or how fresh your shoes are, if u don’t have a fresh cut you still dont look right.

Kicks: How do you feel about resellers?

Mar: Don’t like them. How is the shoe rare if they drop it 2times.

Kicks: How much is your price limit on buying a pair of kicks?

Mar: Gym shoes um 350 Gucci’s or Louis Vuttons 700

Thanks Mar for the great interview and insight. If you’re in Vegas and need a haircut please don’t hesitate to hit up mar on twitter or instagram @mardabarber.IMG_3105


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