Detailed Look: Nike Roshe Run Slip On Jade Glaze

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Planning a trip out to South Beach Florida soon? During the trip you need something easy to slip on and off? One of Nike’s laziest shoes has gotten even lazier and is now easier for you to take off and put on while chilling with supermodels on the beach. NiceKicks has provided a lot of on feet photos of the Nike Roshe Run Slip On “Jade Glaze”.

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The Nike Roshe Run has gotten a bit of a change to it. The Roshe has gotten the laces removed so your mobility is improved and you can now tackle on any task in optimal speed and comfort. The difference between the slip ons and the original Roshe is obviously the lacing difference. The new slip ons have a hole in the gone for you to put your finger in to help you put them on better. The particular colorway is in a Miami Dolphins colorway. The upper in a tourquoise on breathable netting material and accented in bright orange on the sole and the pull tabs on both the tongue and heel.

This shoe is available on NiceKicks webstore right now. Tell us how you feel about the slip ons of the Roshe versus its original with the laces.

Photos courtesy of NiceKicks

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