First Look: Nike Roshe Run Blue Sky

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Summer is fast approaching us; out here in the west coast we get warm temperatures and perfect conditions for going to the beach. Mostly, we look for clear skies and the beautiful Sun to determine if we are going to come out and play. If you were going to the beach, you’re probably going to go with a rad tank top and some mismatched board shorts and cruise the beach with your boo. Then after the beach you head home and it was a great day you want to reminisce how do you remember the great day? As a sneakerhead you’re going probably going to remember more of what shoes you wore and what you didn’t want to wear because it would get messed up or would be uncomfortable. Worry not, Nike has the perfect solution to fill all those qualifications.

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Nike brings us a photo print of a big “Blue Sky” on the Nike Roshe Run model. In its vast elegance, the body is in a blue sprinkled on with some formless clouds printed on the Roshe’s breathable material. On the toe box, it’s finished off with a blaring view of our solar system’s Sun. This brilliant shoe will have people turning heads no matter where you go because of its bright white features. You’ll feel like a god walking through the heavens on these comfortable clouds.

There isn’t any word on these releases just yet but stay tuned with us here at Kicksologists for these little slices of heaven.

Source: ABCMart

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