Happy Birthday: Top 36 Nike Kobe Bryant Kicks Part 4/4

While the world waits for Kobe Bryant to hit the NBA hardwood, we’ll take the opportunity to celebrate Mr. Bryant’s birthday. Born in 1978, today will mark his 36th birthday. Rightfully so, we took the time to drop a list of what we though was Kobe’s 36 top Nike kicks from his signature line (Zoom Kobe 1 to the Kobe 9). As most of us are common folks without major connects so we attempted to refrain including from the super limited, extremely hard, mega limited kicks.

Here we go, the final batch. The fourth quarter, it’s where champions are made. It’s arguable that nobody is more comfortable in this position than Kobe himself. It’s coming down the wire and we reveal the top 9.

In case you missed it, Part 1 can be found here.

Here is Part 2!

& Part 3

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9. Nike Kobe 4 Gold Medal
8. Nike Kobe 5 Big Stages (Away)
7. Nike Kobe 6 Mango Barcelona
6. Nike Kobe 2 Prelude
5. Nike Kobe 6 Grinch
4. Nike Kobe 5 Dark Knight
3. Nike Kobe 9 Beethoven
2. Nike Kobe 8 Supernatural
1. Nike Kobe 8 What The Kobe

Celebrate Kobe’s birthday and use the hashtag #HBDKobeKix and share your Kobes with us on Instagram and Facebook. Hope you enjoyed the countdown! Once again, happy birthday to Kobe. Here at Kicksologists, we hope the colorways keep coming!

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