Reshoevn8r Laundry System Test | Video & Write Up

When I first heard about the Reshoevn8r laundry system, I didn’t buy it into it at all.  There were so many questions circulating such as:

  • Who would put their $200+ Jordans in the washer?
  •  Wouldn’t it ruin the materials?
  • How does that even work?

Well I had to put it to the test with my own beloved pair of Concord 11’s and see the results first hand.  I’ve had my pair since 2011 and the mesh upper has yellowed to a nasty looking shade.  It was still white, but I spilled coffee on it and had a good amount of dirt after all the wears i’ve put into it. I have literally worn this shoe more than a hundred times.

Reshoevn8r offers their unique laundry process in which you pre-treat the shoes first.  Like my first cleaning session with my Nike Lunarglide 4’s, I cleaned up the sneakers as best I could using the multiple brushes provided by Reshoevn8r.  With my Concords, I had to use the hog bristle brush on the balistic mesh upper due to it’s delicate materials.  Make sure you use the correct brush depending on the material you are trying to clean.  Once I was done with the upper, I used the combination of the multi-purpose bristle brush and the outsole brush to clean the remaining midsole and outsole.  Once finished, it was time to the Reshoevn8r shoe trees and insert it into the sneaker, making sure they fit just right.  The shoe trees prevent the sneaker from being construed while in the washer.  Next, you put the sneakers in the laundry bags.  Typically, you could fit a pair of shoes in one bag, but in this case, it couldn’t fit.  So I went ahead and put one shoe in one bag each.  Once both shoes are secure in the laundry bag, you put a small amount of detergent in the washer, set the water to cold with delicate wash, and you’re good to go.  Mine took about 37 minutes to finish up the cycle.

Once the cycle was done, I immediately removed the shoes from the bag.  The Concords were soaked and I admit, I was real skeptical at first, but they turned out great.  First thing I noticed was how clean and white the upper was, especially around the tongue area.  Instantly it was bright and brand new, but not deadstock new.  It just looked 10 shades brighter than before.  However, I knew I had to let it air dry for at least overnight.  The next afternoon, I went ahead and checked them out and they were absolutely stunning.  It was as if they were only worn a handful of times.  Laces were clean, the midsole and outsole had no dirt, and most importantly, the balistic mesh looked clean and wearable!

Overall, the Reshoevn8r laundry system worked for me.  Since then, I have washed a two pairs of Roshes and a pair of Kobe 8’s that I will have a video for soon.  What I like about laundry system is that the dirt and grime that you can’t remove with a brush and solution can be treated in the washer.  The laundry also removes the odor within the sneakers.   This stuff works, plain and simple. I will no longer have to worry about my sneakers getting dirty as I could manage them using Reshoevn8r.  Once again, this laundry process is 100% safe and will not harm your sneakers.  As long as you follow the directions, your kicks should be good to go.

Check out my video above where I show the whole process that I just explained here.  I have also provided before and after photos below.  The Reshoevn8r laundry kit comes with a set of Reshoevn8r shoe trees, one individual laundry bag, a 4oz bottle of solution, and one all purpose bristle brush.  You can purchase the kit here. The kit is currently on back order until March 30.

Kicksologists approved!

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