Taking The Shrine Co. Daypack on the Road | Review

In my possession is The Shrine’s Daypack model from the Duality Collection. The name is pretty self-explanatory as it focuses towards fitting a day’s worth of gear in one bag. It’s a simple light grey canvas contrasted with navy blue accents. On the inside, there’s a maze-like red print for extra pizzaz.

In a quick-run down, this bag has two main compartments in the front and a large one the backside. The bottom portion is the money-maker… the signature… the reason this bag exists. It’s the section for your sneakers.

Sometimes, you flex with a cozy-boy  Outfit Grid, right?


In the main compartment, you have the ability to adjust it for height and it expands for width so you don’t squish your kicks. As you can see in the photos, the Bred 1s are pretty snug. When I wore the Bred 1s on feet, I tucked away my Tuxedo 11 Lows here.

Keep in mind, I rock a 9 / 9.5 shoe size. According to the site, The Shrine designed the bag to fit sneakers up to size 15. To be completely honest, I’m a bit of a neat freak and I love the fact that there’s a plastic lining that’s reminiscent of patent leather that’ll make it easy to wipe and clean in case there’s dirt.

On the top half, this compartment allows you to place the rest of your necessities. Pens, headphones, keys, gum, and small notebooks are a few things I had placed.

Side Zipper

In a unique look, this backpack uses a side-zipper compartment. When opened up, there’s two sections within (one is a laptop sleeve). When placing your laptop in the section that’s closer to your back when its worn, there’s a velcro strap that’ll keep your computer locked down. I have a 13” Macbook Air that slid in easily with tons of space to spare. We fact-checked and the pack is created to fit a 17” computer.

I must warn you, beware of the velcro. I wasn’t paying attention when throwing some clothes in and it snagged my Tech pants.


Thoughts and Opinion on the Shrine Co. Daypack

under-the-seatBeing completely honest, the backpack felt a bit on me but the bag does exactly what its intended to do; its a day-trip backpack. I took it on the road with me as I hit up Houston and Portland andeEach trip was at least three nights long.

With a carry-on duffel, this backpack kept my necessities close-by. It definitely got the job done but I can see its true value as a one-to-two day bag. Like I mentioned, this backpack is a bit bigger but it slid underneath the seat pretty easily.

At the airport and with colleagues, I got a handful of compliments which speaks volume on its own. The quality on the bag really stands out as my favorite feature. I couldn’t find any loose threads or uncommon flaws.

So when the fellas decide to take the 15 North to Las Vegas (highway from Southern California), I would not hesitate to pack my things into this bag. If you’re looking to splurge, this is something I’d recommend grabbing. If you’re often on the road, then you may want to check their larger options such as the Duffel or Wheeled Case looks.

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