Adidas Kobe Bryant The KOBE aka Crazy 1 | Review

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Following the success of the Adidas KB8, Adidas had to back it up with another statement by creating the first auto-inspired shoe in the industry with The Kobe. Being different was easy , but could adidas keep up with the sky-rocketing career of a young Kobe Bryant?

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It’s the most aesthetically unique basketball shoe perhaps ever created.  Collaboration between major automobile and athletic equipment developers is hardly an expected union, but Audi and Adidas truly took their games up a notch when it came to providing Kobe with a shoe that not only he, but everyone could love and marvel at.

The side profile shot of the sneaker really mimics that of the Audi TT Roadster, which was the model that spearheaded inspiration behind the design.

Adidas modified their famous grooved shell-toe (the signature mark of the Superstar series) and installed it at the front tip of the shoe, impeccably resembling the Audi TT’s front end grill.  Also like the TT, we can see a smooth continuous line along the midsole that runs through the arch, which also looks strikingly like the line that runs along the wheel arches and bottom side of the Roadster.  Both the car and shoe project a very clean, smooth image.

Comfort & Fit

“The Kobe” used a cushioned upper that was covered by a synthetic vinyl type material. This material wasn’t the usual PU material found in most shoes at the time and as a result, gave it that brushed metallic type of look. The collar and lowered heel counter were built with breaks to simultaneously provide ankle support and flexibility in movement.

At the time when “The Kobe” was launched, the main competition was the Nike Flightposites and adidas decided come at Nike hard by going heads up on fit characteristics. “The Kobe” cradles your foot and gives it a great fit and feel, but only after a few minutes of wearing it in so that the cushioning can form the shape of your foot.


Using a new technology called adiPRENE+, The Kobe offers a great amount of cushioning that will let you run game after game without the aches and pain in your feet, knees and back. Along with the cushioning, there is amazing arch support which is a result of a molded arch support built into the outsole of the shoe.


The fit and comfort of the shoe were enhanced with the Torsion arch system preventing too much excess movement while running up and down the court.  The rubber outsole has a herringbone pattern for strong reliable traction as well, which is an absolute requisite of Kobe’s at all times.

Before you go out and buy these, make sure you have feet that are no wider than an E-EE since you’re going to feel pretty cramped in these form fitting shoes.


Providing great looks, fit, support, traction and cushioning along with being endorsed by one of the best basketball players on the planet, “The Kobe” is one of the better overall values you’re going to get. If anything, the one concern will be about the durability as the shoe does tend to noticeable creases after multiple uses on the court, but like many shoes, it really depends on how the owner takes care of these shoes.


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Worn By

  • Kobe Bryant | Los Angeles Lakers
  • Iman Shumpert | New York Knicks


  • White
  • Black
  • Sunshine (All-Star edition)
  • Silver
  • Ice Blue
  • Charcoal Mesh


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