Adidas Crazy 1 Blackout Released Today In China

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While Kobe Bryant is no longer a member of Team  Adidas, his old signature shoes “The KOBE” continue to be a huge success. Adidas released the Crazy 1 “Blackout” colorway in China today, but only 300 will be available. Adidas released the “Blackout” colorway in a limited edition package that includes a briefcase and some motorcycle gloves.

-==Complete Line Of Kobe Shoes==-

Thanks to our friends at, we know that only two stores in China will be selling the Adidas Crazy 1, but they were available for in-store purchase, which is unfortunate for everybody here in the United States. Adidas will eventually release the “Blackout” colorway, but no official date has been set.

Adidas Crazy 1

Adidas has already released the yellow colorway of the Crazy 1, but this colorway will draw much more interest. The “Blackout” colorway is the closest to an original colorway. The ones that Kobe wore had a tad bit of gray on them, which is why they are not completely identical.  Adidas did a great job of marketing these back in 2ooo and although it has been 14 years, the design of the Crazy 1 has stood the test of time.

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