Power Laces Are a Very Real Possibility for Blake Bevin


The unbelievable flow of hype and interest in the Nike Air Mag ‘Marty McFly’ has been quite a phenomenon to witness today. While everyone is definitely in awe at the actual production model of the kicks that so many of us fell in love with when Michael J. Fox strapped them on in 2015 (only four years away!), there is one rather significant detail that quells the excitement just a bit.

Let’s be real here. The most enticing attribute to the Nike Mag that Marty McFly wore in Back to the Future Part II was the power lacing system. Over two decades since the film’s release, we have yet to see anything remotely resembling this innovation from any of the major players in the sneaker industry.

So, because I hate not knowing things, I did some digging and stumbled on Blake Bevin’s Kickstarter page. Bevin, a self-proclaimed “Time Traveler from the year 1983” based in San Francisco, has been developing her own power lacing system for over a year publicly through Kickstarter. Although she reached her funding goal in October of 2010, her project seems especially pertinent today in the midst of the Nike Air Mag debut.

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