Collection Rules

Every week we try to bless you for certain rules or commandments that you should follow in order to keep everything going well. This week is no different. We are going to give you 10 rules to follow if you have a valuable sneaker collection.

1. Insurance
Please make sure you have renters insurance or if you own a home home owners insurance. There is nothing worse than having something crazy happen and all of your collection is gone.

2. Low Profile
Don’t tell everyone that you have a great collection. People really don’t want to hear that you have a bunch of shoes. Most people are haters and are going to try and get you for your kicks one way or another.

3. Security
Make sure your collection is in a nice safe area where visitors cant just stumble upon them. You would be surprised what people will do for shoes these days.

4. Organized

Keep your kicks in some sort of order and in their respective boxes. Don’t have kicks scattered all over the place that’s just tacky.

5. Picture

For insurance purposes you have to take a pic of your kicks just to prove you had them. It helps if you can do this yearly so you can update it with all your other info. Plus you want to see how big your collection is too.

6. Receipts

Keep your receipts! I cant stress this enough. Whether you keep them in a box or take a pic of them it is very important that you keep your receipts.

7. Inventory

Every now and then count your kicks. I have over 125 pairs of shoes I do inventory just to make sure nothing has been taken or “borrowed”.

8. Storage
Make sure the area where your kicks are at is safe. Don’t put your collection at risk.

9. Space
Before you buy a pair of kicks once a week make sure you have a place to put them. Don’t keep buying kicks if you have nowhere to put them at once you’re home.

10. Perspective
If you have a nice collection but your about to be evicted its time to sell some kicks to keep a roof over your head. Nothing is worth being homeless. Plus you can always buy the shoes again when you get your money right.

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