An Exclusive Interview With NBA Prospect Anthony Marshall

We had the great pleasure of interviewing former UNLV guard and current NBA prospect Anthony Marshall (@ANT_MARZ3). For those who aren’t aware Marshall led the Mountain West conference in assists this year, named to the all-defensive team  and was also named to the Second Team for the Conference.

I have had the privilege to watch Marshall for four years in person here in Vegas and it has been a joy. But one of the things that stuck out when watching him play was his kicks on the court.  Marshall always rocked heat especially the last two years on the court so he was an ideal person for this interview.

To find out more about Anthony Marshall checkout our exclusive interview below.

Kicksologists: What is all-time favorite shoe?

Anthony Marshall: All time favorite shoe … hmm that’s tough a tough one, I’ll have to get back to you on that someday.

Kicks: When did you get into the shoe game?

AM: I got into the shoe game probably around my later years of high school. Didn’t come from a very wealthy family, so I couldn’t always get kicks like that growing up. So when I was able to get out and get my own money, that’s when my shoe game grew.

Kicks: I see this year you played in mostly J’s which ones do you like to play in the most?

AM: This past season, I played in a lot of different kicks, mostly J’s but my favorites would have to be the Bred 11’s. unlv1

Kicks: What is you opinion of the sneaker culture here in Vegas?

AM: The sneaker culture here in Vegas is dope. It’s not as dope as it use to be, but you still have some people around here that holds it down.

Kicks: Since UNLV is sponsored by Nike do you have free reign to rock J’s or is there a certain protocol you have to follow?

AM: With UNLV being sponsored by Nike, there was no problem with my rocking Jordan’s, seeing how Jordan Brand is kind of an off branch for Nike. 

Kicks: Which kicks are in your rotation off the court right now? (top5)

AM: To be honest, I cant even give you a top 5 of kicks in rotation right now for me. I pretty much wear a different shoe everyday. I try to keep people on their toes, so I switch it up everyday. lol

Kicks: Which place in Vegas do you go to for kicks? Suite 160, Niketown, CRSVR or other?

AM: I get my kicks from all over in Vegas, no particular spot. However, I do have a couple hidden spots that only a few know about (& no, I’m not telling!).

Kicks: On the UNLV squad who had the best kick game? imo its out of you, Justin Hawkins and Anthony Bennett

AM: I might be a little bias but of course, I think I have the best kick game. lol. No seriously, between AB, J-Hawk, and myself; I don’t know. We all have heat. Anthony Marshall, Xavier Thames


Kicks: You had the unique opportunity to play for two head coaches over your college career, did they have any rules with the kicks?

AM: Yeah playing for two different coaches, they had their views on what shoes we could wear. They both were more traditional coaches so they wanted us to wear solid colors. This year our coach gave us a little freedom and thus allowed fans to see the bright/colorful shoes we brought out.

Kicks: Performance wise which shoe do you favor?

AM: Performance wise, I only like playing in Jordans. Specifically the Bred 11’s. They are light and easy to move in. As of late since the season has ended, I’ve been working out in my Bred 4’s which I have taken a liking to.

Kicks: Whats your opinion of the hypebeasts in the shoe game now?

AM: My opinion on hypebeasts? To each its own. I don’t get caught up in all that, if a person is a hypebeast or not. They are not effecting anything I have going on.

Kicks: Also SDSU who is a huge rival, had guys on their squad who rocked some serious heat, did you and the other guys on the team notice? 

AM: Yeah, we noticed. I believe SDSU and ourselves had the best shoe game in college basketball. With us being rivals on the court, we’re actually friends off. Grew up playing with and against a lot of the SDSU players, so we have similar interests when it comes to kicks.

Kicks: How do you go about the process of selecting which kicks to rock on gameday? Is it uniform colorway, home/road, etc

AM: Just depending on how I’m feeling that day of the game determine which kicks I will play in. Some days it’s the color way, other days it might be the weight of the shoe; just really depends on how I’m feeling. unlv3

Kicks: Favorite shoe release this year?

AM: Favorite shoe released this year .. hmm that’s another tough question. I can say that Im looking forward to the Grape 5’s. Those are classics, so those are a must.

Kicks: How deep is the collection these days?

AM: How deep is my shoe collection … can’t say off the top of my head, but I can say that I can wear a different shoe every day for a few months.

Kicks: Is there any shoe that youre missing from the collection to make it complete?

AM: A shoe that I want that I’m missing is the Raging Bull 5’s. Those are a pair I’m looking to get my hands on.

A couple of non kicks questions

Favorite player growing up?

Favorite players growing up .. Jordan/Kobe

Who did you model your game after?

I try to just go out there and be my own person, but fans and others have compared my game to Russell Westbrook.

Favorite pre and post game meal?

Pregame meals, I usually keep it simple and light. Spaghetti, a salad, and grilled chicken.


Thanks again Anthony! Good luck in the NBA and keep rocking heat!

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