Release Info: Nike Kobe 9 Elite Low Beethoven

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There isn’t anything like a sweet symphony blasting in and out of your ears. The classic sound waves just trembling and vibrating through your eardrums creating masterful imagery and muster up feelings. The perfection of the compositions Ludwig van Beethoven have produced are classics and legendary and has lasted hundreds of years and will continue to stand the test of time.

“The KOBE 9 Elite Low Beethoven pays tribute to the German composer and pianist, and more specifically the power of his Ninth Symphony from the early 1800s. The grey color of this colorway represents Beethoven’s timeless quality” – Nike

Nike draws inspiration from the legendary pianist’s legacy which stands as possibly the greatest of all time and they feel the perfection of legacy defines everything Kobe Bryant is striving to achieve. In Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony during the fourth movement of the symphony or fourth part of the story the song is telling, is the song “Ode to Joy” which could be a celebratory theme of the success Kobe Bryant has had in his career so far.

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Besides the fact that Nike states the grey of the silhouette represents Beethoven’s timeless quality. Speculations could have us all believe that the Ebony black and Ivory white on the other parts of the sneaker could represent the classic color scheme of piano keys. The body of the shoe is covered in grey Flywire to give the shoe a mobile feel and also breathability. The side midsole have a variety of pieces that make it up which includes carbon fiber, a black and white speckle print. On the Flywire is a fused black Nike Swoosh logo. The tongue is white leather with the Kobe Bryant logo and signature in black.

The Kobe 9 Elite Low “Beethoven” will be releasing on August 16, 2014. They will be available everywhere on and select retail locations. Be sure to check with us for reminders on the release as these will be as timeless as Kobe and Beethoven’s legacies.

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