Kobe Bryant Top 20 Sneakers of All-Time | #1-10

4.  Nike Zoom Kobe 4 “Finals/MVP”

nike zoom kobe 4 away finals

Year: 2009


Chant it all you want, it will never get old.  The Nike Zoom Kobe 4 is all over this list, and something tells me it won’t end here.  We all know the story about the Finals in Orlando against Dwight Howard and the Magic.  We couldn’t figure out which model and color to go with this rank, but the whole 2009 Finals run get this number 4 spot easily.

You got three editions of the model, the Home Finals, Away Finals, and the MVP edition.  Each one had such a beautiful look to them.  And with that, there ain’t much nothing left to say here.

nike zoom kobe 4 final home nike zoom kobe 4 mvp nike zoom kobe 4 finals away

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