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Tech Tuesday: The Nike Foamposite

Welcome to our first Tech Tuesday here on Kicksologists.  Every Tuesday or so we will dive into technologies varying from materials, rubber compounds, cushion systems, and other innovations that make up your sneakers and active wear.  Today, we give you a look into the Foamposite material as Nike Basketball celebrates their 20th anniversary of the classic model.

This year, Nike Basketball is celebrating their 20th anniversary of the Nike Air Foamposite One.  Swoosh is lining up a several colorways for the Foamposite One including this “Eggplant” colorway last seen in 2010.

So what is it?

The Foamposite One is regarded to be one of the most durable sneakers today.  Worn by Penny Haradaway, it originally released in 1997, the Foamposite was an advancement for Nike in technology and innovation.  A time where sneakers were made of up from combinations of leather, suede, and nubuck materials, a synthetic Foamposite upper was unheard of.  In fact, the manufacturers in China and also some designers from Nike didn’t even think it was possible to make.  Or so they thought…

Who made it?

What’s interesting is a company called Daewoo was the ones who made it possible to have the Foamposite material we all know and love today.  Daewoo went out of business in 1999, but they will forever live on as the “sole” company that made highly durable material, possible (no pun intended).  Their main business was to make cars and electronics so sneakers was much of a surprise when they produced the foamy material.

Korean founded motor company Daewoo help create the Foamposite mold.

How is it made?

Foamposite is made out of a material called polyurethane liquid.  It is heated to about 130-175 degrees Fahrenheit and molded into the shape that we are now familiar with.  When worn on court, the Foamposite molds to the foot of the user resulting in a glove-like and unique fit.

Personally, I have not hooped in the Foamposite One as it is a heavier sneaker out of what we have today.  However, the Zoom Air is full-length underneath the footbed is amazing.  The Zoom is responsive and comfortable.  I was a bit surprised as the shoe does feel a bit bulkier than most of todays models lighter models.  Many hoopers today still use the Foamposite out on courts as most of them like the weight and protection it offers.

Eggplant Foams.

With all that Kicksologists tech talk aside, this Eggplant colorway is long overdue.  Finally releasing this Summer, the Eggplant colorway has a luminescent color of the bunch.  It was released in 2009 however was reissued for an unkonwn reason in 2010.  The sneaker is simple, dressed in a Varsity Purple upper with black lining and a translucent outsole stays true to the original.

The Nike Air Foamposite One “Eggplant” will release in July 2017 for $230.00 USD.

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