Choosing the Right Sneakers for the Treadmill

Whether you use the treadmill at the gym or at home, you must wear the right sneakers. It’s never advisable to walk or run on the treadmill barefoot as you risk getting injured.

Various sports brands offer running shoes, each with its benefits. Just as you shop around and read reviews for gym equipment, like a  comprehensive review of this treadmill, you must take your time shopping for a pair of sneakers.

Some things to consider while looking for the perfect pair of shoes for yourself are:


When choosing a pair of sneakers specifically for the treadmill, remember that unlike running outdoors, the treadmill provides a bit of cushioning, so you don’t necessarily need sneakers with a lot of it. Still, sneakers with cushioning in the heel area of the foot are best since most people feel pressure in their heels rather than their toes when running on a treadmill.

The Arch of Your Foot

Before purchasing a pair of sneakers, you must know your foot type. There are three types of feet: normal, low arch or flat feet, or high arch. 

A normal foot type is the most common and easiest type to buy shoes. All you need to look for is a pair of shoes that fits well, is comfortable, and provides stability. 

If you have a low arch, more of your foot touches the ground when you walk or run, making it easier for you to get injured and causing strain to your joints. You may also roll your feet inward while running. The right sneakers will provide support and help to control your movement.

Individuals with a high arch may have difficulty rotating their feet, so while running, their feet may point outwards. Not wearing the correct shoes may cause injuries and pain in the shins. Finding a pair of sneakers that provides enough support, allows your foot to rotate, and absorbs shock is essential. 

Lightweight and Breathable

The exercise you plan to do should guide your choice of shoes. If you plan on running or are training for a marathon, lightweight sneakers are best because they allow you to run faster and for longer while using less energy and putting less strain on your muscles. 

If you plan on walking on the treadmill, the weight of the shoes doesn’t matter, and you can wear any comfortable walking shoes. 

Your sneakers should always be breathable, which means air circulates in and out. Since you will be wearing them to exercise, there is a good chance that your feet will get warm, and if they’re not breathable, the hot air will build up inside the shoes, and you may find that your feet cramp or that the soles of your feet begin to burn.


The right sneakers should be comfortable and fit well. If they’re a little loose, they may slide off as you run, causing blisters and chafing to your skin. Too tight shoes don’t leave enough room for your feet to breathe, so you must try on a few styles and brands to find the right fit. 

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