Who Has the Best Kicks in the NBA?

Sneakers are the most popular footwear among NBA players. They are designed to help players make high-intensity movements like running, jumping, dunking, and gliding effortlessly. In addition, these sets of apparel protect the player’s foot and offer comfort, flexibility, and support.

Basketball shoes have gained popularity and have made their way into pop culture. HoopsHype estimates that, as of the 2021 season, 17 NBA players signed lucrative sneaker deals for an average of $5-15 million annually. Currently, Lebron James has the most lucrative sneaker deal with Nike, worth $90 million annually.

With players making money off shoe deals, it goes without asking: who has the best sneakers in the NBA?

Witness V by LeBron James 

Witness V by LeBron James is among the most popular shoes in the league. It is appreciated for its sufficient ankle support and shock-absorbing features.

Curry 7 by Stephen Curry

The reigning finals MVP has a deal with UnderArmour and is reportedly on the verge of signing a lifetime contract worth $1 billion. The Curry 7 fits the point guard position perfectly. It was designed as a low-top sneaker with top-notch cushioning.

Zoom Freak 2 by Giannis Antetokounmpo

Antetokounmpo is one of the NBA betting favorites to win the 2022-23 regular season MVP. His shoe deal includes the release of the Zoom Freak collection and the Giannis Immortality sneakers. The Zoom Freak 3 is among the top 5 most popular shoes in the NBA.

Nike Kyrie Low 4 by Kyrie Irving

Kyrie is said to make $11 million a year from his sneaker deal with Nike, and his shoes are among the brand’s most popular sports apparel. The low-top lightweight Low 4 remains one of the most popular kicks worn by players and fans.

KD 13 by Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant’s Nike shoes are well received by players and fans in the NBA, and the KD 13 is perhaps the best of his collection. Its additional forefoot room and Air unit sets it a mile above many other shoes in the league.

Air Jordan 36 by Michael Jordan

Jordan brought his NBA career to a close, but his shoes continue to sell out. The Nike Air Jordan model is the most popular basketball shoe brand globally. The Air Jordan 36 was worn over 700 times by NBA players during the 2021-22 regular season.

Nike PG 5 by Paul George

Paul George has a sneaker deal with Nike, which includes the release of six signature shoes. His PG 5 was the second most worn shoe during the 2021-22 regular season. It was reportedly worn for over 30,000 minutes.

Kobe V & VI by Kobe Bryant

Kobe may be gone, but his shoes continue to feature in the league. More than 120 players rocked the Kobe 5 last season, and more than 140 players (in different court positions) wore the Kobe 6 during games, making it a popular NBA shoe in the league last season.

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